Eric Schmidt's Sex robots 'will make make women interchangeable with technology', campaigners warn

Robots are marketed as “companions”, “girlfriends” or “wives”
Robots are marketed as “companions”, “girlfriends” or “wives” CREDIT: AFP

Ministers are “lagging behind” in efforts to tackle sex robots, experts have warned, amid concerns they could "make women interchangeable with technology".

Human-like robots are sold as substitutes for women and are marketed as “companions”, “girlfriends” or “wives”, a coalition of academics, abuse victims and activists have claimed and MPs and ministers are ignorant of the potential dangers.

“At a time when pornography, prostitution and child exploitation is facilitated and proliferated by digital technology turning it into a global profitable industry; these products further promote the objectification of the female body and as such constitute a further assault on human intimacy,” the campaign...