Female Lawmaker, Who Insisted Men Accused of Sexual Impropriety Should Immediately Resign, Refuses to Resign Amidst Her Own Sexual Allegations

Rules are for thee not for me.

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Rules for thee, not for me.

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Do as I say, not as I do

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The rubber band is on the other claw!

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I got the melted butter ready. Boil that bitch.

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She is a lard ass and she doesn't need any.

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Classic entitled bitch attitude.

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Freaking Spics man.

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Anyone surprised she looks like a pig?

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No, and her plan was to make every single guy who ever rejected her pay through her politics. Disgusting.

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This lady uses her vagina and her loyal anchor babies to keep fighting the good fight.....she is a vile ugly thing- she thought she could be the new LORETTA SANCHEZ whore of the beans.

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"dirty sanchez"

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She is but one of many noxious Marxist purveyors of industrialized victimhood which has been politically-engineered to deplete with a thousand threats the stalwart sensibilities of the individualist capitalist thinker without a single fucking trial or shred of evidence.

Sexual impropriety, whether provable or fantasy, is nothing more than a deceitful tool in the ice-cold hands of contemporary social-gathering designers. Their fake lust to solve violent and unwanted lust has not an iota to do with resolving complex sexual mores run afoul of actual law through reasoned and scientific approaches.

Cutting the philosophical limbs from under this sweaty cretinous movement requires an Objectivist overhaul of modern education which is nothing more than a cauldron of Kantian listlessness pacing like self-crowned wolves gathering under blood moons of dark magic and subverted realities.

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Go at the hildebeasts until they cry ''Uncle" "Uncle".... Serious..

Those fucking people are separating me from everything I've ever dreamed. How do I find it without them present as third party to fuck it all up?

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Cutting the philosophical limbs from under this sweaty cretinous movement requires an Objectivist overhaul of modern education

Just cut government funding. Problem will solve itself very very quickly.

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Unfortunately they also have 8 billion from Soros. The useful idiot leftists will continue lining up until that runs out.

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You should become a writer.

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Guys be like #NotME with her.

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If you were some guy whose wife divorced him because an ugly liberal toothyfaced bitch like her had her leg up at the right moment you'd be like #METOO ..

METOO can save marriages. Rape is real as fuck.

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I could look at this bitch and tell you she is a headcase. It would take me 10 seconds to know that. People like this getting elected says a lot about the voters.

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Hypocrisy is their bread and butter.

Not surprising at all. Monumentally stupid, but not surprising.

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The words women and lawmaker should never be next to one another

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Did anybody else notice this in her denial?:

"That's definitely not anything that happened. Not only did I not have those conversations, but I'm also not engaging in sex for information or for votes," Garcia said.

Who accused her of harpooning the salty longshoreman for votes, or did she just Scooby-Doo that in all by herself?

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I did notice that. I immediately thought that meant she does try to exchange sex for votes.

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Whadd'ya expect from a pig but a grunt, fckin' feminist btch

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Rules for thee, not for me.

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High testosterone political type with a face like that -- highly likely. They like fucking but guys are a little slow to approach them, so they tend to try to move things along a little.

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She has no obvious signs of high testosterone. She just has really shitty genetics. Looks like she's got some jew in her too. with that hook nose.

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Cuck bitch

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Out of the 4 times I've been a victim of sexualized harrassment, 2 of them were women hitting on me or my husband. When a homewrecker is ignored by a decent and chaste monogamous man, she goes in to seduce the wife every. single. time. The other times it was either an old man or a fat one.

A bitch with no man and no prospects knows the only way to get a man like mine is to have me around to attract what she cannot herself. When those bitches try and trollop me I go straight at them as if they already fucked him.

Those dumb whores will go years without a relationship, allowing their mother or some other person to support them. Then they try and use marrieds to appear like they're making progress toward matrimony before they get cut off financially. After that they try to befriend you, waiting for that drunken dinner party where they can RAPE your home and marriage. You don't need a best friend. You're better off having a family.

Tell the homewrecker that you're looking for a surrogate. That stupid bitch will see her next child support check getting eschewed and fucking run right away leaving you to your man, with him untouched.

If you cut her off there's a social price to pay, but its better than a divorce.



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I've found that people who break the law on a daily basis start to believe their own bullshit and think they are untouchable (kek).

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"Rules for thee, but not for me!" Is the rallying cry of the libtarded left.

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What a politician is a hypocrite? Who would have thought that would happen