Inane, Vapid, Overly Contrived Facial Expressions Known As "Mugging" Have Ruined Human Interaction

TV game shows and the selfie narcissism addictions of the internet have created a generation of people who use theatrically contrived facial expressions to seek social acceptance on the back of emotional fakery.

The character of Jennifer Aniston on the TV show "Friends" as well as the character: Penny on the TV show "Big Bang Theory" demonstrate an extreme and cartoonish set of facial expressions in a contrived reaction to every phrase uttered by the other characters.

These are not the facial expressions that every day people make on the street or at the mall. They are the expressions that cartoon characters make in order to look cute and to over-emphasize a point.

These fake expressions are now frozen in time on every internet selfie. No normal person makes the duck faces, askance gazes and Vogue model wannabe looks that selfie narcissists make. Those people do those things because thy think they are supposed to do them because social pressure demands it.

What is "Mugging":