Dating Issues And Things To Know Before You Do Online Dating:

Don't wait. The "early bird gets the worm". The people you meet in online dating are the same exact people you will meet in non-online dating and you have to move fast 'before the good ones are taken.' Hot people, that just became single, usually only stay single for about a week. The volume of people approaching them online is massive.

There is no such thing as waiting for the "natural moment" in the real world. If it existed it would have already happened for you decades ago. Online dating is the best chance to meet single people in any large city but it can be exhausting.

"Going on a date" , to most normal people, means that both people believe that there is a 60%, or better, chance that the two of you will have sex.

Men and women formulate thoughts and assumptions in two different manners of thinking. Few people, that have been dating, believe that any men actually want to "just be friends". Almost all men that say they are just friends with a woman are place-holding a 'sex pass' until they can use it later.

Did you know that most big dating sites are all owned by one company called IAC and that IAC is run by Hillary Clinton's daughter: Chelsea Clinton? Did you know that IAC has been caught posting fake profiles and using robots to fake you into their scheme? Did you know that IAC sells your user data and messages to political parties and marketing companies and that everything you say on a big dating site is harvested, stored and read by others? Do you want Chelsea Clinton to control your sex life?

The single most important thing to realize is that "chemistry" is a series of bio-chemical and audio-visual reactions to the way a person looks and how they remind you of subconscious things in-person. It does not work-over the internet.  You MUST read up about the brain chemical known as oxytocin and understand how it can make you addicted to sex, or a person who is not good for you.

Chemistry is not a metaphysical thing. You will not be able to decide about a person unless you meet them in person.
The internet is just a place to see that certain people are single. The way that media has programmed you, the type of people the media have told you are attractive and the look and feel of the people you have gathered around you will determine how the 42+ different psycho-visual, olfactory and other sensory reactions determine if you will allow
yourself to be attracted to one person over another.

How Modern Dating Works With The Internet

By Susan Lester

Some of this reality will sound harsh. The new world of dating is not the "Leave It To Beaver" white picket fence Hollywood-romance that some may have been led to believe. You need to know these facts, though. Being aware will keep you emotionally and physically prepared.

You will find that the majority of profiles on big dating sites are fake profiles, Russian bots, scammers or automated response algorithms that the dating site has placed there. Until you meet them in person, you can't believe anything until you see it with your own eyes.

Anybody you meet on the internet should share 50% of the first meeting costs because of the unusually high number of scammers and gold-diggers on the internet. Men do pay for the first date in small country towns where you met at the barn dance but on the internet, it is totally different. Most people dating on the internet have a different date every night and they are "playing the odds". Many of them are just seeking free food and riding a low-self-esteem roller coaster of sexual conquest. There are ALSO wonderful people who are sincerely looking for marriage but the internet provides the most sex and free food so there are people who have embraced that reality too.

All physical interaction requires a verbal "yes". With all of the lawsuits and sexual extortion scams these days, it is essential to document a very clear verbal consent for all sexual activity. There are a large number of people who are seeking to blackmail people with paternity lawsuits or non-consent sex lawsuits in order to get money from them.

Match,com, OKCupid, and the other corporate dating sites, sell and/or have your data leaked, to political parties and marketing companies. You should know that everything you post or text on those sites is read by others and may be used against you. Use fake names, burner email addresses and information that is slightly different than your true information when you use those services. Move all communications to your personal email that you control, as soon as possible, to avoid leaving your private love life data on servers. Do you really want's management (Which includes Chelsea Clinton and the investors in big porn sites) reading your romantic emails?

A 'date' is a meeting to see if there is sexual chemistry. Many people are irked by the use of the term "date" but the reality is that dating is sexual compatibility testing.

There is a whole industry in the dating world called: "Honey Traps". If you have been on TV or in the news and if you have business competitors or political enemies, Honey Traps will be hired. These Honey Traps are people who pretend to be looking for love but they are actually sent to conduct industrial spying and political sabotage against you. If you appear to be successful, watch out for Honey Traps.

Big cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York have a huge number of "transaction-relationship" seekers. Because Craigslist and BackPage have had their sex ads shut down, all of the mistresses, hookers, rent boys and gold-diggers have moved to, OKCupid and the corporate dating sites. Because of this, you now either need to 1.) put "NO transactional relationships" in your ad text or 2.) put the 'code words' in your ad if you do want that.

Anybody who uses a 'smartphone', on a date for phone calls or social media, is considered to be hyper-rude, privacy-violating and not aware of data hacking issues. Keep your phone in a wireless RFID blocking bag at the bar, coffee shop or restaurant on your first date. Nobody wants a 'social media zombie' with them on a date.

Never use a webcam for online dating. Once the camera has been used, even once, it notifies hackers around the globe and they will hack into it to watch you taking showers and sleeping. Webcams can be remotely activated by hackers and you can't tell that the camera is even turned on.

You probably don't know if you have bad breath. Get a regular tooth cleaning at your dentist every 6 months and take Mint Assure breath tablets (Available on Amazon) 15 minutes before each date.

The bigger-the-dating-site/the more it's owner's abuse your rights. All dating sites read and archive your texts, emails and activities and sell that data to political groups, government agencies and marketing companies. Treat your dating data just like you would your medical records.

Everybody that is on a dating site is dating multiple people at once. Do not be naive. If you want to be committed and monogamous with a person just tell them so out-loud. If you do not both agree to that arrangement VERBALLY, it will never happen. Men and women always assume different things about the status of a relationship. Most dating issues are about what stage each other person thought the dating phase was in. Men and women really, really do have different ways of thinking, different perceptions of things and different time-frames. Ie: Men are territorial and war-like. If a woman tells her men friends about a new date, then those men friends will try to jack up her relationship with the new guy because their subconscious minds want them to defend their turf.

If you have unprotected sex you will most likely have a pregnancy or get an STD. For each new partner you must get a blood and urine test for: HIV/AIDS, Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Mycoplasma Genitalium, Trichomoniasis, Human Papilloma Virus/HPV, Crabs/Pubic Lice, Scabies, Hepatitis/HBV, Chancroid, Bacterial Vaginosis/BV, Nongonoccocal Urethritis (NGU), Molluscum Contagiosum, MRSA, and Lymphogranuloma Venereum. Take this list to any Quest Diagnostics Test Center or Public Health Center and ask for the "Full STD Palette Test" or just show them the list and ask for the test that covers those items. At the very least, pick up the off-the-shelf OraQuick test at your local drugstore and take that saliva test. These tests take only a few minutes and provides a lifetime of health security.

Sound rough? It is, but if you follow these simple tips the cream will rise to the top and you will eventually meet a great partner.

Everyone finds what they are looking for within 3 months but you must have endurance. If you have lived a sheltered life, avoided reading the news and only hung out with a handful of middle-of-the-road friends you might be in for a shock when you jump into the real world. That world is different that the one you see depicted in old TV shows.

Be ready, have an open mind and forget about the Hollywood hype and you will have a great time!

1.      Generally: People have made up their mind about whether or not they want to be with you 15
minutes after you have met them. Generally, men make up their minds more quickly than women because
they are sensorial reactive. Decision processing is usually dramatically out-of-sync between genders based
on genetic hunter/gatherer evolutionary programming. Both genders need to adjust to find the happy

2.      Most internet dates end in the first few emails because of misinterpretation. Many people are typing
on their cell phone or iphone or they are at work or they are joking and you can't see it in email. Do not
make prejudgments based on the first few emails, they are often wrong or unfair to the other person.

3.      A large number of people follow "the third date" rule. This means that if the two of you have not
decided to be intimate by the third date you probably never will.
4.      Almost a majority of first meetings are cancelled by one of the two people just prior to meeting
because people feel no commitment to a stranger. Do not be surprised if people using the service are not too
motivated re: the first meeting as many have been through these out-of-the-blue cancellations already.
5.      Men are genetically ingrained to be territorial. Women's men "friends" may suddenly nay-say the
new guy, use psychological tricks to create stress and suddenly confess their "secret love" for you in order to
cut the new guy off at the knees. As soon as your guy friends, ex husband, old boyfriend, (even your
children) etc, hear that you have a date, they will often try to jack-up your plans in order to protect their
turf.  If you are divorced then you usually already have a conflict relationship over child custody and
schedules, watch for the ex-husband to constantly change child pick-up times, days to pick-up and other
schedule shifts at the last minute if he suspects you have dating plans. Stand firm on your plans so you are
not victimized by the ex-husband's territorial strategies

6.      Many single people have an obsessive relationship with their pets if they are single. Consider how
much you talk about or plan your life around your pet.

7.      Men have a hard time talking about feelings.

8.      Meet as soon as possible. A majority of people that spend time talking, first, on this online dating,
seem to be disappointed. The majority have a wonderful set of emails and phone calls and think they have
met the love of their life. .. but when they meet, the chemistry is not there and both parties are twice as hurt
by the brick wall because they have already created expectations and wishful thinking via advance
communication. Most people find each other adorable on hours of phone calls but only 1% of the people
said they had chemistry in person and vice versa. That has been the story that most other users on online
dating have posted in tens of thousands of blogs so this appears to be the consensus of a general trend.
Just an FYI. One would be losing relationships if they try to force a computer system to act human by using it
for the initial interaction. You have to meet in the real world to not get screwed up by the computer and its
process. One has to get out of the digital/chat room world as fast as they can and into the tangible real
world of touch, vision and the other senses. Another reason for meeting soon is that people blog that a
large number of people they start emailing with, suddenly cancel future meetings because someone else
they were emailing with met them sooner. In many cases, when they have to book the first meeting a week
or more out, they will contact you the day before and cancel the meeting because they starting seeing
others they dated within that week delay. Most connections never happen because someone else gets there

9.      Sexual politics have killed off a majority of first dates. While it may seem rude or inappropriate to
discuss sex on the first few dates, it is a large part of "dating". If you get down the road and have actual sex
only to find that you have two different styles, then the whole relationship is over in minutes after weeks or
months of wasted "dating". Kissing and petting are key to testing the waters early. Also, if you have not
gone into Walgreen's and asked the pharmacist for the "Home Access Express HIV Test Kit" , gotten a
Gardisil vaccination and acquired "Plan B" pills (web search these if you don't know what they are) then you are
not ready to even go there. Condoms leak, spillover and break so must have these back-ups in place.

10.  Brush your teeth and take Breath Assure tablets. Bad breath kills off many dates.

11.  Know what you really want. Most people are specifically looking for marriages, sex, babies,
distractions, fun, social status, therapy or other certain things. Compare notes on your actual needs in the
first date. There is nothing wrong with just looking for sex, the volume of people is higher with computer
dating so the odds are better, just be clear up front. In fact few people can have "just sex" without falling in
love afterwards.

12.  People with kids are able to date just as much as people without kids if they have a balanced life. Most
single parents are able to get 3 full nights a week totally to themselves. If you can't pull this off, talk to a
parent who does to figure it out.

13.  Don't discuss emotional topics in email with someone you have never met.

14.  On spending money: Women expect men to pay and men expect women to practice the "womens
liberation" they fought for. Women want proof of stability and men want sexual reciprocation. Men get
burned out buying a string of meals for strangers they will never see again. Men feel used and women feel
diminished if the man doesn't pay. This is the hardest subject in dating. Manage expectations on this from
the beginning. Dating math = To find a great marital partner you will spend the rest of your life with you
need to meet at least 1000 people. To find a great LTR dating partner you need to meet at least 150. 99% of
these meetings will not work out. If a guy meets one person a day for a month and the cost of food, parking
& misc. adds up to $95/night then he has to spend nearly $3000.00 a month just to see if there is a chance.
If the lady says to the man that "Her mom taught her that the man must always pay", or "she was raised in
the South", or 'She was brought up to let the man be the provider", in a recession. How do you think this
makes the guys feel? Avoid dinners for the first few dates or agree to dutch treat unless you both are
looking for a trophy-partner or transactional-sexual relationship.

15.  We live in an age where advertising and media train us to be attracted to certain facial types: sorority
girl looks like fraternity guy looks, biker guy looks like biker girl looks, hipster guy looks like hipster girl
types. Realize that we are all being forced to be superficial by this. Try to get past this, or you will miss
people who are, otherwise, perfect matches.

16.  Exchange cell phone numbers for the first meeting. Most people do not look like their pictures and
many people never find each other the first time. Use a web-voice number or get a $27.00 phone from
Walgreens if you don't want to give out your real number.

17.  Where to meet is a political consideration. People who have done a few weeks of internet dating know
that 99% of the first meetings don't click and they will never see that person again , so they are hesitant to
go too far for a first meeting . Women think men should drive to their location. Men think that they are
going to have to pay for everything so the women should come to them. A good fix is to meet half-way.
18.  In life you have gathered people that are very similar to you around you in order to create a controlled
and comfortable insulation. In online dating you will meet the full breadth of people and they are of every
type. Be prepared to broaden your horizons.
19.  If you feel the need to tell people that "you need to go slow"(A concept foreign to most men) or "are
still hurt from your last relationship".. you may not be ready to date. Not only are most people on a dating
site eager and willing to be in a relationship, but things move much faster online than not online. Don't hurt
yourself, and others, by using a dating site for therapy. People on dating sites  go fast, generally.
20.  If you are wanting to blow somebody off and you are online dating, do not say you have "met
someone" and then leave your profile up. If they see your profile still up or get a notice (such as
sends out to everybody each time you go into your profile) they may feel lied to.
21. IT bears repeating: If you just got out of a relationship, do not use a dating service to either A: See if you
are over it or B: try to get your ex to become jealous and come back to you. It is cruel to the other people that
are meeting you that area "ready-to-go".

22. Every single modern TV show on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. depicts couples running off to have sex within an hour after meeting. All modern men expect to have immediate sex if the two of you are seeming to be attracted to each other. Modern men are programmed by TV shows and the internet to assume that there will be immediate sex. If you are not interested in a rapid progression to sex you should not date using the internet.


You are a tool of the media. If you are "attractive" you go for people (without looking for depth) who always use you and
dump you as they search for attraction without depth.  Science says that women with "model attractive" aquiline facial
features will usually fail in love unless they pick the least "model attractive" man with non aquiline facial features that they can find because two model attractive people generally do not develop the depth or intent beyond appearance and only
see the lack of the depth after the superficial comfort has worn off. Other examples of pre-programming  are documented
in the TV series and text of: Discovery Channel's Science of Sex Appeal- Cliff Notes:

The bottom line, based on over one hundred years of research by thousands of different entities: "What people think they
want is wrong if they are looking for anything more than just sex" Your subconscious biological programming will ONLY
steer you to make more humans, it WILL NOT allow you to pick a relationship partner. It will make you pick someone
who is cute and mostly totally wrong for you. This is why 90% of dating experiences never work out and 70% of marriages
end in divorce. Online dating causes most of the people that SHOULD be together to not get picked because the main
choosing process is picture-based.

*    Social, media and genetic programming makes you do things you do not mean to do in the dating process. To
be successful in dating you have to actually NOT go with your "intuition" or "first impressions because science now shows
us that it is a TRICK.  Science now shows that reacting to pictures only, online, will only get you great sex and NEVER get
you a deep or long lasting relationship.

*    You will not pick a person whose eye separation and distance from nose to brow is not the same as yours unless
you consciously  make yourself only look at the person in profile view. You unconsciously  judge attraction based on
equilateral positioning of all facial elements and geometric distances between points on the face.

*    Women are generally repelled by men's scent (except when they are within a day or two of ovulation)...

*    One research study illustrated that women tend to choose partners based on status or resources as a priority.
Groups of women, selected at random, were shown photos of similarly dressed men of relatively equal attractiveness.
Following a baseline numerical rating of attractiveness, later groups were shown the same pictures, but with an indication
of social and economic status -- five- or six-figure incomes. The attractiveness ratings rose or fell significantly in direct correlation to perceived income level. Men put fins and flames on their cars and wear giant watches in order to create status-attraction to attract women.

*    When women are ovulating; their voices change to a higher pitch to attract men, their skin tone changes to attract
men, their pelvic muscles tighten to create a shimmier walk, they interpret smells different and they output different kinds of attracting odors.

*    The more a man sways his shoulders in a swager, the more women will be attracted to him. The more a woman
sways her hips, the more men will be attracted to her.

*    And the science of partner selection continues with human odor as a factor. Couples can discern the special smell
of their partner. Every man has a unique smell -- 'eau de man.' Research has demonstrated that odor affects us at a
subconscious level. We can't control it. No two people smell the same or have the same "HMC", as it is called. There is an optimum match for HMC.

*    Women are generally repelled by men's scent (except when they are within a day or two of ovulation); but men,
when exposed to odors, are consistently attracted. In experiments where men inhale imperceptible low doses
of artificial copulants, the attractiveness rating of women shown in pictures is higher. Copulants impair men's ability to
discriminate whether a woman is attractive. The scent of copulants prevents them from thinking clearly.  (Odor also helps
us steer clear of relatives and has performed the evolutionary role of "incest avoidance.")

*    With chemistry-inspired flirting, lust, and love all continuously active below our level of consciousness, can we
maintain attraction to one partner? Attraction has many stages, beginning with a single biochemical jolt resulting in a
change reaction. Anecdotal reports indicate the "first kiss" is highly memorable in the attraction that builds (or fails to
build). The abundant testosterone in saliva increases the sex drive.

*    Men are genetically programmed at the core of their genes for tens of millions of years to sleep with as many
women as possible in order to keep the species going. Just as women are programmed to want a baby like crazy as soon
as they turn 18. A good college education or strict parents are not going to change this. Recent science has found a shot
that can cause monogamy in men and a shot that can cause baby anxiety reduction in women.

*    Even more sex appeal chemistry influences occur through the dopamine triggered in our brains. Dopamine is the
brain's pleasure chemical that produces a high that can be addictive, energy producing, and exhilarating. Biochemistry
shows the link between dopamine and testosterone with exhilaration and lust. But dopamine is not uniquely linked to sex
appeal. The thrill of sports, bungee jumping for instance, can produce a dopamine rush.  What about love?

*    Many of our unconscious preferences and behaviors are conditioned by our chemistry. Studies report that
women find slightly feminized pictures of the same man more attractive when they are not ovulating. Married women are
biologically driven to promiscuous behavior as reported by an experiment based on digital movies of the female
participants dancing during a "girls' night out." The women with long term partners and on their fertility cycles were the
most provocative. This was concluded from movement and appearance analyzed through pixels and an estimated
percentage of skin showing. These committed women sent out more sexual signals than the available ones. In contrast,
other research pinpoints the role of the chemical oxcytocin in monogamy for women.

*    Many of our unconscious preferences and behaviors are conditioned by our chemistry. Studies report that
women find slightly feminized pictures of the same man more attractive when they are not ovulating. Married women are
biologically driven to promiscuous behavior as reported by an experiment based on digital movies of the female
participants dancing during a "girls" night out." The women with long term partners and on their fertility cycles were the
most provocative. This was concluded from movement and appearance analyzed through pixels and an estimated
percentage of skin showing. These committed women sent out more sexual signals than the available ones. In contrast,
other research pinpoints the role of the chemical oxcytocin in monogamy for women.

*    The science on sexual attraction claims that evolution prepares us to stay together just long enough to raise
children. One study across 58 societies demonstrated a dual reproductive system going from pair bonding to straying at
about the four-year mark in a relationship. The study conclusion: we are fundamentally built to stray. Does this mean that
our exhilarating experience of early love is destined to be undermined by our inherent biology? Will we always fail at long-
term love?

*    Men put flame decals, fins, large spoilers, giant speakers, and raised tires on their cars to draw the attention of
women in order to seek to demonstrate that they have a higher ability to acquire goods and survive in the urban jungle.

*    Science claims that the chemistry of passion, lust, and love bind us together for a limited period of time. Haven't
most of us figured that out at a personal level? My observation is we already know we need to build for the future before
the reality storm hits. Yet many of us neglect our marriages and relationships anyway. Over focus on careers or children,
and overindulging in our selfish habits through individual use of time frequently lead to rampant neglect of our partners.
Science help us?

*    It takes just three minutes to fall in love, scientists revealed today. What the heart wants, it can establish fairly quickly, according to American psychologists who studied the behaviour of 10,500 newly-introduced couples. "Some
people say they're looking for one kind of person, then choose another. Others say they don't even know what they're
looking for," said Robert Kurzban of the University of Pennsylvania. "But our data suggest that, however it happens,
people know it quickly when they see it." He claimed would-be lovers generally understand their own worth on the dating
market, and so are able to judge potential compatibility within moments of meeting. Psychologists analysed the
interactions between speed-dating participants, where men and women are given just three minutes to assess each other
before moving on to the next person. At the end of a session each individual indicates which of the 25 or so people he or
she met they would like to see again. "Although they had three minutes, most participants made their decision based on
the information that they probably got in the first three seconds," Kurzban said. "Somewhat surprisingly, factors that you
might think would be really important to people, like religion, education and income, played very little role in their
choices" Psychologists have often likened relationships to transactions whereby people select mates based on the
qualities their other half has to offer, such as power and money. But Kurzba's data reveals that when people meet face-
to-face, things like smoking preferences and bank accounts are not of great importance. Actual behaviour is worth more
than stated beliefs, he said, particularly in the case of speed-dating when participants do not want to risk a bad date and
so have more incentive to follow their hearts and desires. The researchers caution that speed dating is not necessarily
typical of how people usually interact. Their findings will be published in US journal Evolution and Human Behaviour."


You just joined one of the top 5 dating sites. You message some attractive ladies right near you. You get some responses. Alas, you don't realize that those "hot ladies", now messaging with you, are actually all a guy with a goatee, named Wu Lee, in the Philippines.

While you see lots of talk about these dating services, "not allowing fake profiles", they are, in fact, the ones who hire the "shill Farms" to supply them with the fake date experiences.

They only use them for guys because women always get flooded with actual guys contacting them. Many of the pictures are from the ex-websites of dead Russian hookers.

The first red flags:

- Your date is out "of the area for a few weeks", or longer, on a trip or some big project so that a real person doesn't actually have to show up.

- They have some other excuse to not meet you for a few weeks. The psychology is that no guy will wait that long and move on to the next candidate. Alas, the next candidate , and the next, and the next, is, more often than not, that same guy Wu Lee. If you are savvy enough to track them in your calender and follow-up a few days after they are supposed to "return to town", they will tell you that they just happened to have met someone on their trip.

- They won't talk on the phone. While talking to a person on a dating site is very comforting, the Shill Farms have escalation Teams that route phone call requests to sex phone operators, with your local accent, who do double duty as fake phone dates and fake sex call takers. Even if you talk on the phone, it still is not gauranteed that you don't have a shill.

- The shill starts asking you very specfic detailed personal data about yourself. In real world dating, nobody asks that kind of stuff before their first date. You look at each other, decide if you both look OK and off you go to the movies or dinner that Saturday. The reason the shills want detailed data on you is that the Shill Farm bosses make money from both providing fake profiles AND harvesting your private data for data harvesting banks.

- They try to keep you on the site for as long as possible. The Shill Farmer has a third way of making money off of you. It is called "Spoofing". The more volumes of people the dating site can show for their subscriptions and advertisers, the more money they can make.

- They won't meet. For most people, the purpose of a dating site is to meet someone you can hug, squeeze, kiss and go do things with. It should seem odd to you, if your potential date won't meet in person ASAP. If they were real, you would think they would want to see how both of you are, in-person, before wasting time.

Online Dating Terms:

Shill- A person pretending to be someone else, or another gender, in order to suck you in to some scheme to get your money or your data

Shill Farm - A large building, apartment complex, warehouse or other building where large numbers of shills are based

Shill Farmer - The owner of the Shill Farm. Often Russian mobsters, Asian gangs or Nigerian cartels

Dating Harvester -, Plenty of Fish, OK Cupid and similar automated conglomerate-owned dating services that are in the business for far different reason sthan you might think

Trolling - Working the pretext to try to get the victim/target guy sucked into the scheme. Using different scenarios and talking scripts to get the target to loosen their guard.

Spoofing - creating fake user volume numbers in order to help dating sites trick advertisers into paying more


You SHOULD have sex on a first date if you want a girlfriend, study shows

A new survey has revealed that more than a third of men found love after sleeping with their partner on the first date

IT'S official - if you want a serious relationship, you need to have sex quickly.

A new survey has revealed that more than a third of men found love after sleeping with their partner on the first date.

 It's OK to have sex on the first date - in fact it's recommended, according to one survey
It's OK to have sex on the first date - in fact it's recommended, according to one survey

According to the survey, lots of couples end up in bed the first night they meet - 58 per cent of men have done it and 56 per cent of women.

And it has led to a proper relationship for 36 per cent of women and 34 per cent of men.

It does, however, find that women are slightly more wary than men of partners who want to jump into bed straight away.


One in six women (17 per cent) said they would think less of someone if they had sex on the first night, compared to 11 per cent of men.

The results are revealed in a new survey of 2,000 people by, the UK’s leading dating site for married people.

It found that 64 per cent of women and 62 per cent of men had wanted to have sex with someone on the first date but had held back because it was too soon.

Far more women (40 per cent) have regretted jumping straight into bed than men (27 per cent).


Most women (82 per cent) and 73 per cent of men admitted to first night nerves when they have sex with a new partner.

The biggest insecurity for women was worrying about their appearance (84 per cent), followed by their sexual performance (69 per cent) and how they will compare with their partner's previous lovers (61 per cent).

Men's biggest insecurity was their sexual performance (82 per cent), followed by how they compare with their partner's previous lovers (57 per cent) and their appearance (54 per cent).

Women's ideal venue for a first date is drinks in a bar (32 per cent) followed by a romantic meal (27 per cent). Men prefer it the other way round - 41 per cent (a romantic meal) and 27 per cent (drinks). spokeswoman Jessica Leoni said: "The clear message is that if you want to have sex on a first date, do it.

“We have all grown up about sex and only prudes are going to think any less of you if you jump into bed on the first night.

“Online dating has speeded up the way we date and this has resulted in couples initiating sex on first dates far more quickly.

“We are leaving behind those old-fashioned attitudes where people are judged on their sexual behaviour.”

IllicitEncounters has seen a 25 per cent rise in registrations in the first four months of 2019.

Easter sees a surge in activity because the longer nights make people more adventurous in their behaviour and more likely to seek out a new partner.