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i think the normies misunderstand us with talking about trannies being mentally ill

someone can be a perfectly reasonable human being you can hold a conversation with AND have a mental illness they should probably handle, that needs to be talked about and addressed

yet, they act like it cant be both because that would mean talking about it

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Agreed. When I lived downtown in a city with a trans population I found some to be perfectly intelligent. Shit, I have no problem calling people what that want to be called. I do have a problem not being allowed to have an honest conversation about any given subject. I am against using the 'wrong' pronouns being illegal (CA) instead of just a bit rude. I am very much against the narrative that somehow if we stop believing that gender is a construct of biology that this community will magically be less likely to kill themselves. There is just no science to support all this PC BS. It's like if I looked into the mirror and saw myself as obese. Even if I demand everyone refer to me as obese your eyes are going to tell you that I am petite, body dysmorphia. Sometimes people can look in the mirror, hate what they see, and still be perfectly charming. But I will never believe there are more than two genders. I will never teach my kids about more than two genders.

I bring up DID because 1/3 of the their community suffers from a trauma based mental illness meaning they are most definitely not born that way.

The LGB community would be smart to drop the T instead of trying to think of even more letters they can add to their cause.

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Sixty-odd years ago lobotomies were considered the cutting edge in mental health. In the fullness of time, turns out? Not so great. There were some advances in the understanding of the mind (ie: what happens when you rip this bit out?), but here and now we look back on the practice as barbaric.

I think that the future will look back on the lack of support for good mental health, combined with the bizarre lengths we're going to to mollify people with serious mental problems via physical modification, in the same way we view lobotomies now.