The actual experiences of web users detailing their tips, thoughts and dynamics


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The Tips, From Different Daters, Both Male and Female: 4

Safe Sex Dating Safety And Crucial Medical Info For All Singles 51

In Contempt of Courtship 54

Bizarre, Funny And Unique Profiles: 61

Internet Safety and Security When Dating On The Web 62

Who’s Watching Your WebEx? Webex has many back-door spy paths built in 80

Google still keeps a list of everything you ever bought using Gmail, even if you delete all your emails, and provides that data to political parties, the NSA and marketing companies so they can manipulate you 82


Companies gather massive databases of people’s images, for facial recognition spy tools, from OKCUPID 88




Personal Awareness Questions: 125


Why Are Symmetrical Faces So Attractive? 133

There is a surprising reason we are drawn toward symmetry, especially in faces. You are addicted to staring at certain movie star’s faces because of their “addictive facial symmetry”. 133



Try before you buy 143

‘Treat this like a business’ 144

Done being single 144

A meeting, a marriage  145

Five things to know about online dating 145


We now date six people at once and then we just ghost them when we've lost interest 149

Daddies, “Dates,” and the Girlfriend Experience: Welcome to the New Prostitution Economy. How Silicon Valley Guys Actually Get The Women They Are With 151

“Just Another Job” 152

Landing a Whale 156

“It’s Transactional” 157

$50 for the Powder Room 158

Wish Lists 161

Benefactors 162


This is the information they never taught you in school.

Many of these points of advice conflict with other points of advice. This proves how different people can be between each other. This also proves that men and women can have two totally different perceptions about the same incident or concept.

This book was created to educate. It will horrify you, shock you, amaze you, enlighten you and clearly illuminate the fact that everybody has different assumptions about how-things-should-work in social interaction. You will be moved by how different each gender thinks about different things but it is better to know what you are heading into than not.

Depending on the social programming by your parents, your college clique, your work mates, your sports buddies and your religion, you may agree or disagree with each person’s suggested tip. Keep an open mind and consider that past experiences may have created different causes for each person’s ‘tip’.

The quotes alternate between bold and non-bolded text as each author changes.




    Beyond embedded journalists, news blackouts, false flag events, blacklisted and disappeared Internet domains the plotline of America's "free press" there are now ISP-filtering programs subject to Homeland Security guidelines that sift through emails and toss some into a black hole. Insiders and the NSA-approved, however, can get around such protections of networks by means of the various hybrids of the PROM IS backdoor. The 1980s theA of the Prosecutor's Management Information System (PROMIS) software handed over the golden key that would grant most of the world to a handful of criminals. In fact, this one crime may have been the final deal with the devil that consigned the United States to its present shameful descent into moral turpitude. PROMIS began as a COBOL-based program designed to track multiple offenders through multiple databases like those of the DOJ, CIA, U.S. Attorney, IRS, etc. Its creator was a former NSA analyst named William Hamilton. About the time that the October Surprise Iranian hostage drama was stealing the election for former California governor Ronald Reagan and former CIA director George H.W. Bush in 1980, Hamilton was moving his Inslaw Inc. from non-profit to for-profit status.

    His intention was to keep the upgraded version of PROM IS that Inslaw had paid for and earmark a public domain version funded by a Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) grant for the government. With 570,000 lines of code, PROMIS was able to integrate innumerable databases without any reprogramming and thus turn mere data into information.

                With Reagan in the White House, his California cronies at the DOJ offered Inslaw a $9.6 million contract to install public-domain PROMIS in prosecutors' offices, though it was really the enhanced PROM IS that the good-old-boy network had set its sights on. In February 1983, the chief of Israeli antiterrorism intelligence was sent to Inslaw under an alias to see for himself the DEC VAX enhanced version. He recognized immediately that this software would revolutionize Israeli intelligence and crush the Palestine Inti fada. Enhanced PROMIS could extrapolate nuclear submarine routes and destinations, track assets, trustees, and judges. Not only that, but the conspirators had a CIA genius named Michael Riconosciuto who could enhance the enhanced version one step further, once it was in their possession. To install public domain PROMIS in ninety-four U.S. Attorney offices as per contract, Inslaw had to utilize its enhanced PROMIS.

The DOJ made its move, demanding temporary possession of enhanced PROMIS as collateral to ensure that all installations were completed and that only Inslaw money had gone into the enhancements. Na'ively, Hamilton agreed. The rest is history: the DOJ delayed payments on the $9.6 million and drove Inslaw into bankruptcy. With Edwin Meese III as Attorney General, the bankruptcy system was little more than a political patronage system, anyway. The enhanced PROMIS was then passed to the brilliant multivalent computer and chemical genius Riconosciuto, son of CIA Agent Marshall Riconosciuto.5 Recruited at sixteen, Michael had studied with Nobel Prize-winning physicist and co-inventor of the laser Arthur Shallo. Michael was moved from Indio to Silver Springs to Miami as he worked to insert a chip that would broadcast the contents of whatever database was present to collection satellites and monitoring vans like the Google Street View van, using a digital spread spectrum to make the signal look like computer noise. This Trojan horse would grant key-club access to the backdoor of any person or institution that purchased PROM IS software as long as the backdoor could be kept secret. Meanwhile, the drama between Hamilton and the conspirators at DOJ continued. A quiet offer to buy out Inslaw was proffered by the investment banking firm Allen & Co., British publisher (Daily Mirror) Robert Maxwell, the Arkansas corporation Systematics, and Arkansas lawyer (and Clinton family friend) Webb Hubbell.

Hamilton refused and filed a $50 million lawsuit in bankruptcy court against the DOJ on June 9, 1986. Bankruptcy Judge George F. Bason, Jr. ruled that the DOJ had indeed stolen PROMIS through trickery, fraud, and deceit, and awarded Inslaw $6.8 million. He was unable to bring perjury charges against government officials but recommended to the House Judiciary Committee that it conduct a full investigation of the DOJ. The DOJ's appeal failed, but the Washington, D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed everything on a technicality. Under then-President George H.W. Bush (1989 — 1993), Inslaw's petition to the Supreme Court in October 1991 was scorned. When the IRS lawyer requested that Inslaw be liquidated in such a way that the U.S. Trustee program (AG Meese's feeding trough between the DOJ and IRS) could name the trustee who would convert the assets, oversee the auction, and retain the appraisers, Judge Bason refused.

    Under then-President William Jefferson Clinton (1993 — 2001), the Court of Federal Claims whitewashed the DOJ's destruction of Inslaw and theA of PROMIS on July 31, 1997. Judge Christine Miller sent a 186-page advisory opinion to Congress claiming that Inslaw's complaint had no merit a somber message to software developers seeking to do business with Attorney Generals and their DOJ. For his integrity, Judge Bason lost his bench seat to the IRS lawyer. T

hroughout three administrations, the mainstream Mockingbird media obediently covered up the Inslaw affair, enhanced PROMIS being a master tool of inference extraction able to track and eavesdrop like nothing else. Once enhanced PROMIS was being sold domestically and abroad so as to steal data from individuals, government agencies, banks, and corporations everywhere, intelligence-connected Barry Kumnick~ turned PROMIS into an artificial intelligence (AI) tool called SMART (Special Management Artificial Reasoning Tool) that revolutionized surveillance. The DOJ promised Kumnick $25 million, then forced him into bankruptcy as it had Hamilton. (Unlike Hamilton, Kumnick settled for a high security clearance and work at military contractors Systematics and Northrop.) Five Eyes / Echelon and the FBI's Carnivore / Data Collection System 1000 were promptly armed with SMART, as was closed circuit satellite highdefinition (HD) television. With SMART, Five Eyes / Echelon intercepts for UKUSA agencies became breathtaking.

    The next modification to Hamilton's PROMIS was Brainstorm, a behavioral recognition software, followed by the facial recognition soAware Flexible Research System (FRS); then Semantic Web, which looks not just for link words and embedded code but for what it means that this particular person is following this particular thread. Then came quantum modification. The Department of Defense paid Simulex, Inc. to develop Sentient World Simulation (SWS), a synthetic mirror of the real world with automated continuous calibration with respect to current real-world information. The SEAS (Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations) soAware platform drives SWS to devour as many as five million nodes of breaking news census data, shiAing economic indicators, real world weather patterns, and social media data, then feeds it proprietary military intelligence and fictitious events to gauge their destabilizing impact. Research into how to maintain public cognitive dissonance and learned helplessness (psychologist Martin Seligman) help SEAS deduce human behavior.


There are legitimate reasons ( )to want to avoid being tracked and spied-on while you're online. But aside from that, doesn't it feel creepy knowing you're probably being watched every moment that you're online and that information about where you go and what you do could potentially be sold to anyone at any time--to advertisers, your health insurance company, a future employer, the government, even a snoopy neighbor? Wouldn't you feel better not having to worry about that on top of everything else you have to worry about every day?

You can test to what extent your browser is transmitting unique information using these sites:, Shieldsup, and

These sites confirm that browsers transmit a lot of data that can be used for fingerprinting. From playing around with these sites, I have noticed that turning off javascript in my browser does help some. Also the TOR browser seems to transmit less data than most, but even it is not completely effective. The added benefit that you get from the TOR browser and especially the TAILS operating system is that they block your IP address from the websites you visit. You want to try several browsers to see which one transmits the least information. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to find a browser that transmits less information than the TOR browser.

The next thing to be aware of is that corporations have methods other than tracking to spy on you. There is a saying that if a corporation is offering you their product for free, you are their product. This means that corporations that offer you free services are selling the data they collect from you in order to be able to provide you with these services. So, chances are that companies that provide you with free email are reading your email. We know that, in addition to tracking you, Facebook reads your posts and knows who your friends are, and that is just the beginning of Facebook's spying methods. Free online surveys are just ways of collecting more data from you. Companies also monitor your credit card transactions and sell your online dating profiles. If you have a Samsung TV that is connected to the internet, it's probably recording what you watch and may even be listening to your private conversations in your home. In fact, anything that you have in your home that is connected to the internet may be spying on you, right down to your internet-connected light bulb. With a few exceptions, online search engines monitor and log your searches. One of the exceptions is the search engine, which is headquartered in Europe. The steps to counter the nearly ubiquitous activities of free service providers would be to pay for services you receive online, read website privacy agreements, and not buy products that are known to be spying on you. However, the only way to be really secure from corporations using the internet to spy on you is to never connect to the internet or buy any internet-connected appliances. Welcome back to the 1980's.

Protecting yourself from government spying while you are on the internet is the hardest and requires the most knowledge. The biggest problem is that unless a whistle-blower like Edward Snowden tells us, we have no way of knowing how governments may potentially be spying on us. That means that we have no way of protecting ourselves 100% of the time from government spying. Some things whistle-blowers have revealed ( ) are that the US government logs the meta data from all phone calls (who calls who and when), secretly forces internet service providers and providers of other services to allow it to "listen in on" and record all traffic going through their servers, reads nearly all email sent from everywhere in the world, and tracks the locations of all cell phones (even when they're turned off). And, although I am not aware of any specific whistle-blower revelations on this, there is every reason to believe that the US government (and perhaps others, including China's) has backdoors built into all computer hardware and operating system software for monitoring everything we do on our cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and routers. ( ) See also this. Because Lenovo computers are manufactured in China, the US government has issued warnings to all US government agencies and subcontractors to strongly discourage them from using Lenovo computers. And the US government probably has backdoors ( ) into all commercially-available encryption software, with the possible exception of Truecrypt version 7.1a. I hope you are understanding now the magnitude of the lengths that governments are going to (using your tax money) to spy on you. In truth, we are now approaching the level of government spying that George Orwell warned about in his book, 1984

So what can we practically do to protect ourselves from government spying? Seriously, there isn't much, if we want to use cell phones, credit cards, and the internet. About all we can do, if we absolutely need to have a private conversation, is to have a face-to-face meeting without any electronics within microphone range. That includes cell phones, Samsung TV's, video cameras, computers, or land-line telephones. And don't travel to the meeting place using long-distance commercial transportation.

Sending a letter through the US mail is the next best, although it is known that the outsides of all mail sent through the US mail are photographed, and the pictures are stored. So, don't put your return address on the envelope. ( ) As far as surfing the internet is concerned, begin with all the precautions that I outlined above to protect yourself from corporate spying (except HTTPS and VPN's). Then, add the TAILS operating system on a USB stick. As I said, TAILS will not prevent you from being identified and tracked via the fingerprinting method. And who can be sure whether the government has a backdoor in TAILS? As far as I know, the super-paranoid, hoody and sunglasses method I outlined above is is the next step.


Experts warns of ‘epidemic’ of bugging devices used by stalkers - By James Hockaday

Stalkers are using cheap bugging devices hidden in everyday household items

More funding and legal powers are needed for police to stop a surge of stalkers using eavesdropping devices to spy on victims, experts have warned.

Firms paid to detect the bugs say they’re finding more and more of the devices which are readily available on online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Jack Lazzereschi, Technical Director of bug sweeping company Shapestones, says cases of stalking and victims being blackmailed with intimate footage shot in secret has doubled in the past two years.

He told ‘The police want to do something about it, they try to, but usually they don’t have the legal power or the resources to investigate.

‘For us it’s a problem. We try to protect the client, we want to assure that somebody has been protected.’
Advert for a hidden camera device planted inside a fire/smoke alarm sold on Amazon

People are paying as little as £15 for listening devices and spy cameras hidden inside desk lamps, wall sockets, phone charger cables, USB sticks and picture frames.

Users insert a sim card into a hidden slot and call a number to listen in on their unwitting targets.

People using hidden cameras can watch what’s happening using an apps on their phones.

Jack says the devices are so effective, cheap and hard to trace to their users, law enforcement prefer using them over expensive old-school devices.

Although every case is different, in situations where homeowners plant devices in their own properties, Jack says there’s usually a legal ‘grey area’ to avoid prosecution.

The devices themselves aren’t illegal and they are usually marketed for legitimate purposes like protection, making it difficult for cops to investigate.

There is no suggestion online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon are breaking the law by selling them.

But in some instances, images of women in their underwear have been used in listings – implying more sinister uses for the devices.
Even in cases when people are more clearly breaking the law, Jack says it’s unlikely perpetrators will be brought to justice as overstretched police will prioritise resources to stop violent crime.

Jack’s says around 60 per cent of his firm’s non-corporate cases cases involve stalking or blackmail.

He says it’s become an ‘epidemic’ over the past couple of years with the gadgets more readily available than ever before.

Jack Lazzereschi says he’s seen stalking cases double in a few years

Victims are often filmed naked or having sex and threatened with the threat of footage being put online and in the worst cases children are also recorded.

Jack says UK law is woefully unprepared to deal with these devices compared to countries in the Asian-Pacific region.

In South Korea authorities have cracked down on a scourge of perverts planting cameras in public toilets.

James Williams, director of bug sweepers QCC Global says snooping devices used to be the preserve of people with deep pockets and technological know-how.

He said: ‘It’s gone from that to really being at a place where anybody can just buy a device from the internet.

‘Anything you can possibly think of you can buy with a bug built into it. I would say they’re getting used increasingly across the board.’

Suky Bhaker, Acting CEO of the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, which runs the National Stalking Helpline, warned using these gadgets could be a prelude to physical violence.

She said: ‘We know that stalking and coercive control are extremely dangerous and can cause huge harm to the victim, both in terms of their psychological wellbeing and the potential for escalation to physical violence or even murder.

‘The use of surveillance devices or spyware apps by stalkers, must be seen in the context of a pattern of obsessive, fixated behaviour which aims at controlling and monitoring the victim.

She added: ‘There should be clarity for police forces that the use of surveillance equipment by stalkers to monitor their victim’s location or communications is a sign that serious and dangerous abuse may be present or imminent.’

‘All cases of stalking or coercive control should be taken seriously and investigated when reported to police.’

The charity is calling for all police forces across the country to train staff in this area.

Earlier this month a policeman known only by his surname Mills was barred from the profession for life for repeatedly dismissing pleas for help from 19-year-old Shana Grice who was eventually murdered by her stalker ex-boyfriend Michel Lane.

A spokesman for eBay said: ‘The listing of mini cameras on eBay is permitted for legitimate items like baby monitors or doorbell cameras.

‘However, items intended to be used as spying devices are banned from eBay’s UK platform in accordance with the law and our policy.

‘We have filters in place to block prohibited items, and all the items flagged by Metro have now been removed.’

Face-tracking harvesters grab one picture of you and then use AI to find every other digital picture of you on Earth and open every social media post, resume, news clipping, dating account etc. and sell the full dossier on you to Axciom, the NSA, Political manipulators etc. and hack your bank accounts and credit cards. Never put an unsecured photo of yourself online.


Who’s Watching Your WebEx? Webex has many back-door spy paths built in

KrebsOnSecurity spent a good part of the past week working with Cisco to alert more than four dozen companies — many of them household names — about regular corporate WebEx conference meetings that lack passwords and are thus open to anyone who wants to listen in.

Department of Energy’s WebEx meetings.

At issue are recurring video- and audio conference-based meetings that companies make available to their employees via WebEx, a set of online conferencing tools run by Cisco. These services allow customers to password-protect meetings, but it was trivial to find dozens of major companies that do not follow this basic best practice and allow virtually anyone to join daily meetings about apparently internal discussions and planning sessions.

Many of the meetings that can be found by a cursory search within an organization’s “Events Center” listing on seem to be intended for public viewing, such as product demonstrations and presentations for prospective customers and clients. However, from there it is often easy to discover a host of other, more proprietary WebEx meetings simply by clicking through the daily and weekly meetings listed in each organization’s “Meeting Center” section on the site.

Some of the more interesting, non-password-protected recurring meetings I found include those from Charles Schwab, CSC, CBS, CVS, The U.S. Department of Energy, Fannie Mae, Jones Day, Orbitz, Paychex Services, and Union Pacific. Some entities even also allowed access to archived event recordings.

Cisco began reaching out to each of these companies about a week ago, and today released an all-customer alert (PDF) pointing customers to a consolidated best-practices document written for Cisco WebEx site administrators and users.

“In the first week of October, we were contacted by a leading security researcher,” Cisco wrote. “He showed us that some WebEx customer sites were publicly displaying meeting information online, including meeting Time, Topic, Host, and Duration. Some sites also included a ‘join meeting’ link.”


Quest Diagnostics Says All 12 Million Patients May Have Had Financial, Medical, Personal Information Breached. It includes credit card numbers and bank account information, according to a filing... HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU NEED TO BE TOLD: "NEVER, EVER, GIVE TRUE INFORMATION TO ANY COMPANY THAT USES A NETWORK OR MAKES YOU SIGN-IN TO ANYTHING ONLINE!"


Google still keeps a list of everything you ever bought using Gmail, even if you delete all your emails, and provides that data to political parties, the NSA and marketing companies so they can manipulate you

Todd Haselton@robotodd

Key Points

Google and other tech companies have been under fire recently for a variety of issues, including failing to protect user data, failing to disclose how data is collected and used and failing to police the content posted to their services.

Companies such as Google have embedded themselves in our lives with useful services including Gmail, Google Maps and Google Search, as well as smart products such as the Google Assistant which can answer our questions on a whim. The benefits of these tools come at the cost of our privacy, however, because while Google says that privacy should not be a “luxury good, ” it’s still going to great lengths to collect as much detail as possible about its users and making it more difficult than necessary for users to track what’s collected about them and delete it.

Here’s the latest case in point.

In May, I wrote up something weird I spotted on Google’s account management page. I noticed that Google uses Gmail to store a list of everything you’ve purchased, if you used Gmail or your Gmail address in any part of the transaction.

If you have a confirmation for a prescription you picked up at a pharmacy that went into your Gmail account, Google logs it. If you have a receipt from Macy’s, Google keeps it. If you bought food for delivery and the receipt went to your Gmail, Google stores that, too.

You get the idea, and you can see your own purchase history by going to Google’s Purchases page.

Google says it does this so you can use Google Assistant to track packages or reorder things, even if that’s not an option for some purchases that aren’t mailed or wouldn’t be reordered, like something you bought a store.

At the time of my original story, Google said users can delete everything by tapping into a purchase and removing the Gmail. It seemed to work if you did this for each purchase, one by one. This isn’t easy — for years worth of purchases, this would take hours or even days of time.

So, since Google doesn’t let you bulk-delete this purchases list, I decided to delete everything in my Gmail inbox. That meant removing every last message I’ve sent or received since I opened my Gmail account more than a decade ago.

Despite Google’s assurances, it didn’t work.

Like a horror movie villain that just won’t die

On Friday, three weeks after I deleted every Gmail, I checked my purchases list.

I still see receipts for things I bought years ago. Prescriptions, food deliveries, books I bought on Amazon, music I purchased from iTunes, a subscription to Xbox Live I bought from Microsoft -- it’s all there.


- Beware of who you trust with your sex life
- Big dating site owners found to be engaged in tax evasion, sex trafficking, political bribery, privacy abuse, selling access to hackers, domestic spying, human rights violations, political Honey Traps and other crimes
- “Don’t worry, Trust Us” the site owners say but the world always later finds out they are leaking your data to all kinds of awful outsiders
- Never, Ever, trust a dating site to protect your privacy
- Every major dating site reads all of your text messages and stores archives of all of your dating site messages forever
- Every photo, or personal data point, that you put on a data site can instantly be reverse tracked back to all of your other work, employment, medical and personal data on the internet
- A low level admin or operations blogger in the offices of, OKCUPID, Plenty of Fish, Tinder or other sites might tell you that “they don’t do any of those bad things” but they are either lying or naive. Big dating sites exist for only two reasons: Profiteering and Political Spying

Chelsea Clinton's OK Cupid, and Plenty Of Fish DNC Facial Recognition Political Spy Tech Is Growing Stronger By Stealing Your Face


Chelsea Clinton's OK Cupid, and Plenty Of Fish DNC Facial Recognition Political Spy Tech Is Growing Stronger By Stealing Your Face

- They use sex to trap you into revealing how to manipulate you.

- All of the JOIN UP questions at OK Cupid are essentially the DNC's political agenda questions

- They use emotional vulnerabilities to trick you into being spied on for political purposes

- Mass user class-action lawsuits being formed to sue Chelsea Clinton's IAC (The ACTUAL owner of these websites) into oblivion for abusing users

I asked Tinder for my data. It sent me 800 pages of my ...· I asked Tinder for my data. It sent me 800 pages of my deepest, darkest secrets The dating app knows me better than I do, but these reams of intimate information are just the tip of the iceberg.



1. Chelsea Clinton went to Stanford University and helped get Stanford's Brainwash project going

2. The Brainwash project, and 12 others, harvest data from, OKCUPID and Plenty of Fish users

3. Chelsea Clinton runs IAC which owns, OKCUPID and Plenty of Fish

4. Jeffery Epstein finances the Clinton Family and is an arrested pedophile sex cult operator

5. Jeffrey Epstein harvested sex cult girls for himself and his buddies from, OKCUPID and Plenty of Fish

6. Ghislaine Noelle Maxwell was one of the heads of Jeffrey Epstein's procurement efforts of young girls

7. Ghislaine Noelle Maxwell was a guest of honor at Chelsea Clinton's wedding

8., OKCUPID and Plenty of Fish sell their user data to the DNC and Democrat political operatives and all of the initial site questions on OKCUPID are from the DNC election platform!

SEX CULT BOSS Ghislaine Noelle Maxwell At the Clinton Wedding as Guest Of Honor



By Cade Metz

Companies gather massive databases of people’s images, for facial recognition spy tools, from OKCUPID

Cade Metz

© Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and License/Megapixels via The New York Times In an undated handout image from the website Megapixels, a sample image from the Brainwash database, created by Stanford University researchers, which contains more than 10,000 images and nearly 82,000…

SAN FRANCISCO — Dozens of databases of people’s faces are being compiled without their knowledge by companies and researchers, with many of the images then being shared around the world, in what has become a vast ecosystem fueling the spread of facial recognition technology.

The databases are pulled together with images from social networks, photo websites, dating services like OkCupid, and cameras placed in restaurants and on college quads. Although there is no precise count of the datasets, privacy activists have pinpointed repositories that were built by Microsoft, Stanford University, and others, with one holding more than 10 million images while another had more than 2 million.

The facial compilations are being driven by the race to create leading-edge facial recognition systems. This technology learns how to identify people by analyzing as many digital pictures as possible using “neural networks,” which are complex mathematical systems that require vast amounts of data to build pattern recognition.

Tech giants Facebook and Google have most likely amassed the largest face data sets, which they do not distribute, according to research papers. But other companies and universities have widely shared their image troves with researchers, governments, and private enterprises in Australia, China, India, Singapore, and Switzerland for training artificial intelligence, according to academics, activists, and public papers.

Companies and labs have gathered facial images for more than a decade, and the databases are merely one layer to building facial recognition technology. But people often have no idea that their faces ended up in them. And while names are typically not attached to the photos, individuals can be recognized because each face is unique to a person.

Questions about the datasets are rising because the technologies that they have enabled are being used in potentially invasive ways. Documents released last Sunday revealed that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials employed facial recognition technology to scan motorists’ photos to identify unauthorized immigrants. The FBI also spent more than a decade using such systems to compare driver’s license and visa photos against the faces of suspected criminals, according to a Government Accountability Office report last month. On Wednesday, a congressional hearing tackled the government’s use of the technology.

There is no oversight of the datasets. Activists and others said they were angered by the possibility that people’s likenesses had been used to build ethically questionable technology and that the images could be misused. At least one facial database created in the United States was shared with a company in China that has been linked to ethnic profiling of the country’s minority Uighur Muslims.

Over the past several weeks, some companies and universities, including Microsoft and Stanford, removed their facial datasets from the internet because of privacy concerns. But given that the images were already so well distributed, they are most likely still being used in the United States and elsewhere, researchers and activists said.

“You come to see that these practices are intrusive, and you realize that these companies are not respectful of privacy,” said Liz O’Sullivan, who oversaw one of these databases at the artificial intelligence startup Clarifai. She said she left the New York-based company in January to protest such practices.

“The more ubiquitous facial recognition becomes, the more exposed we all are to being part of the process,” she said.

Google, Facebook, and Microsoft declined to comment.

One database, which dates to 2014, was put together by researchers at Stanford. It was called Brainwash, after a San Francisco cafe of the same name, where the researchers tapped into a camera. Over three days, the camera took more than 10,000 images, which went into the database, the researchers wrote in a 2015 paper. The paper did not address whether cafe patrons knew their images were being taken and used for research. (The cafe has closed.)

The Stanford researchers then shared Brainwash. According to research papers, it was used in China by academics associated with the National University of Defense Technology and Megvii, an artificial intelligence company that The New York Times previously reported has provided surveillance technology for monitoring Uighurs.

The Brainwash dataset was removed from its original website last month after Adam Harvey, an activist in Germany who tracks the use of these repositories through a website called MegaPixels, drew attention to it. Links between Brainwash and papers describing work to build AI systems at the National University of Defense Technology in China have also been deleted, according to documentation from Harvey.

Stanford researchers who oversaw Brainwash did not respond to requests for comment. “As part of the research process, Stanford routinely makes research documentation and supporting materials available publicly,” a university official said. “Once research materials are made public, the university does not track their use nor did university officials.”

At Microsoft, researchers have claimed on the company’s website to have created one of the biggest facial datasets. The collection, called MS Celeb, spanned over 10 million images of more than 100,000 people.

MS Celeb was ostensibly a database of celebrities, whose images are considered fair game because they are public figures. But MS Celeb also brought in photos of privacy and security activists, academics, and others, such as Shoshana Zuboff, the author of the book “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,” according to documentation from Harvey of the MegaPixels project. MS Celeb was distributed internationally before being removed this spring after Harvey and others flagged it.

Matt Zeiler, founder and chief executive of Clarifai, the AI startup, said his company had built a facial database with images from OkCupid, a dating site. He said Clarifai had access to OkCupid’s photos because some of the dating site’s founders invested in his company.

He added that he had signed a deal with a large social media company — he declined to disclose which — to use its images in training facial recognition models. The social network’s terms of service allow for this kind of sharing, he said.

“There has to be some level of trust with tech companies like Clarifai to put powerful technology to good use and get comfortable with that,” he said.

An OkCupid spokeswoman said that Clarifai contacted the company in 2014 “about collaborating to determine if they could build unbiased AI and facial recognition technology” and that the dating site “did not enter into any commercial agreement then and have no relationship with them now.” She did not address whether Clarifai had gained access to OkCupid’s photos without its consent.

Clarifai used the images from OkCupid to build a service that could identify the age, sex, and race of detected faces, Zeiler said. The startup also began working on a tool to collect images from a website called Insecam — short for “insecure camera” — which taps into surveillance cameras in city centers and private spaces without authorization. Clarifai’s project was shut down last year after some employees protested and before any images were gathered, he said.

Zeiler said Clarifai would sell its facial recognition technology to foreign governments, military operations, and police departments provided the circumstances were right. It did not make sense to place blanket restrictions on the sale of technology to entire countries, he added.

O’Sullivan, the former Clarifai technologist, has joined a civil rights and privacy group called the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project. She is now part of a team of researchers building a tool that will let people check whether their image is part of the openly shared facial databases.

“You are part of what made the system what it is,” she said.




Mystery surrounding private island...
Compound has safe room no one can enter...
How did he make
billions millions?
His former students speak out...
New Mexico ranch linked to investigation...

Jeffrey Epstein's Accused 'Pimp' and 'Groomer' Ghislaine Helped Hunt Girls On OKCUPID ...

Ghislaine Maxwell, who is accused of grooming and obtaining underage girls for pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was pictured at Chelsea Clinton's wedding. Epstein had already been convicted for sex crimes by Chelsea's 2010 wedding. Maxwell appears in the photo just feet away from Bill Clinton as he walked his daughter down the aisle.


Jeffrey Epstein's Accused 'Pimp' and 'Groomer' Ghislaine found girls on OKCUPID, MATCH.COM, PLENTY OF FISH ...

Ghislaine Maxwell, who is accused of grooming and acquiring underage women for pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was pictured at Chelsea Clinton's marriage. Epstein had at present been convicted for intercourse crimes by Chelsea's 2010 wedding ceremony ceremony.

Alleged madam massaged Jeffrey Epstein to teach teen victim ...

A lawsuit is accusing alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell of massaging Jeffrey Epstein to teach a teen to become his masseuse. ... who was among the notables at Chelsea Clinton's wedding in 2010 ...

ghislaine maxwell chelsea clinton Archives - Current Affairs ...

Ghislaine Maxwell Biography Ghislaine Noelle Maxwell is a British socialite and the youngest child of publisher Robert Maxwell. She has been associated with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted child molester. Maxwell moved to the United States after her father's death and has become an advocate for the ocean as the founder of The TerraMar …

..What We Know About Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's .

Over the years, Maxwell has been photographed alongside many prominent, powerful people who are linked to Epstein, such as Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Maxwell was even a guest at Chelsea Clinton's wedding in 2010.

Ghislaine Maxwell - Wikipedia

Ghislaine Noelle Maxwell (born 25 December 1961) is a British socialite and the youngest child of publisher Robert Maxwell. She has been associated with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted child molester. Maxwell moved to the United States after her father's death and has become an advocate for the ocean as founder of The TerraMar Project.

ghislaine maxwell chelsea clinton wedding Archives - Current ...

Ghislaine Maxwell Biography Ghislaine Noelle Maxwell is a British socialite and the youngest child of publisher Robert Maxwell. She has been associated with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted child molester. Maxwell moved to the United States after her father's death and has become an advocate for the ocean as the founder of The TerraMar …

Bill Clinton pictured with pimp social fixer at Chelsea's wedding

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Clinton pictured with Jeffrey Epstein's social fixer at Chelsea's wedding AFTER severing links with disgraced pedophile. Ghislaine Maxwell is accused in court papers of procuring ...

Donald Trump Controlled By The Mossad - Part I - The ...

Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of late British parliamentarian and media magnate Robert Maxwell, also a Jewish Mossad super sayan prior to his assassination on November 5, 1991. Ghislaine Maxwell is not only a personal friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton but, apparently, also of Donald Trump (the two have been spotted together on several ...

Ghislaine Maxwell - Jeffrey Epstein's fixer invited to ...

The corrupt media doesn't like to talk about Jeffrey Epstein's ties to the Clinton Crime Family. Of course none bother to ask why Ghislaine Maxwell - Jeffrey Epstein's pimp or fixer was invited to Chelsea Clinton wedding. Don't you find that a little strange if as Clinton claims, he only took "four" flights with Epstein?


Chelsea Clinton | IAC

Chelsea also serves on the boards of the Clinton Foundation's affiliated Clinton Health Access Initiative, the School of American Ballet, the Africa Center and the Weill Cornell Medical College. She is the Co-Chair of the Advisory Board of the Of Many Institute at NYU.


Chelsea Clinton Received $300k As An IAC Board Member — For ...

The Daily Mail reported Thursday on records it had obtained showing Clinton was paid a little more than $600,000 in 2018 as director for IAC and Expedia's boards. "The IAC board met just six times in 2018, while some members of the Expedia board were only obligated to attend two meetings last year," the Mail reported.

Chelsea Clinton Received $300k As An IAC Board Member - For ...

It's good to be Chelsea Clinton. The crowned princess of the Clinton Clan just has to show up a few times and get handed buckets of money. This participation-trophy career has recently netted the only daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton a staggering $300,000 for attending six meetings while a board member of "leading media […]

Chelsea Clinton Received $300k As An IAC Board Member - For ...

The $302,880 amount Clinton received from Expedia was the result of a $52,953 cash fee and $249,927 from stocks, which the Mail reports is the amount each member of the board was awarded. Clinton, as the Mail noted, is the youngest member of the board and unlike the next youngest member, 43-year-old Courtnee Chun, she really has no business ...

Chelsea Clinton made $300K for attending just six IAC ...

EXCLUSIVE: Chelsea Clinton pocketed $300K for attending just six meetings as a board member of IAC in 2018 - and now holds $6.3M worth of stock in the company run by family friend Barry Diller

Chelsea Clinton Received $300k As An IAC Board Member - For ...

It's good to be Chelsea Clinton. The crowned princess of the Clinton Clan just has to show up a few times and get handed buckets of money. This participation-trophy career has recently netted the only daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton a staggering $300,000 for attending six meetings while a board member of "leading media and Internet company" IAC.

Chelsea Clinton Received $300k As An IAC Board Member - For ...

IAC and Expedia are both led by Clinton family friend Barry Diller. While each board member received the same stock awards, Chun was paid less in cash fees ($45,000) than Clinton. Clinton was named to the board when she was just 31 years old. This is not the first time Clinton has received an egregious amount of money for very little work.

Expedia names Chelsea Clinton to board of directors

Mar 17, 2017 · Expedia just named Chelsea Clinton to its board of directors. In a public filing posted Friday, the travel site said it named Clinton -- the daughter of Hillary Clinton -- as a member of its board ...

Chelsea Clinton Made $900,000 Working for Her Parents In Sex Industry Dating Site Biz

Chelsea Clinton landed a lucrative job at NBC after graduating college, but her salary wasn't $900,000, and she wasn't working for her parents. ... and as a board member of IAC/Interactive Corp ...


In Online Dating, 'Sextortion' and Scams - The New York Times

· Scammers typically create fake profiles on dating sites and apps like, OkCupid, eHarmony, Grindr and Tinder using pictures of attractive men and women — often real people whose ...

Tinder Scam: 5 Examples To Spot Scammers on OkCupid and ...

The 5 examples to spot scammers on OkCupid and Tinder will help ensure that your online dating experience is smooth and you spend more time in finding the perfect person rather than the perfect ...

OkCupid Review | Free OkCupid Tutorials from TechBoomers

Now that we've covered what OkCupid is, how much it can cost, and assessed how safe it is, it's time to review the service. Will OkCupid help you find the love of your life, or will it fill your life with meaningless notifications? In our OkCupid review, we highlight the pros and cons of this service for you. Pros

Online daters, be warned! 1 in 10 profiles are scams, report ...

With a few of the largest player like OKCupid, Match, and others, there are precautionary measures in place. ... "In the war against online dating scams and security threats, we've chosen to ...

OkCupid Reviews | Is a fraud or is it real? - Summary. If you just want to chat with girls online, then is a good free site to sign up to for a few fun online hours in the evening. But if you want to meet and date real women, then is going to be a hard place to find decent women to date.

OKCupid Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service, page 5

Review: I spent $59 for A list level access to website . I have not had a single person contact me . I am not satisfied with the service . I have had 5 fraudulent people contact me . I do not want to be a member of Okcupid A list anymore . I did not pay $59 for people who are committing fraud with fake profiles and pictures to contact me via ...

--URGENT-- Underage Sexting Scam. Can my fr - Q&A - Avvo

--URGENT-- Underage Sexting Scam. Can my friend go to jail for sexting and exchanging images with a 'Minor' Read More! One of my good friends is freaking out right now, I want to help him out....

OKCupid Review -

OKCupid 2.57 43 A review of OKCupid. OkCupid is a highly popular dating site that offers the majority of its services for free. OkCupid is a highly popular dating site that offers the majority of its services for free.

OkCupid A-List: Price? Features? Does It Get You More ...

OkCupid A-List is not worth it if: you assume more exposure = more messages and dates. With a bad profile and OkCupid A-List, it's possible you'll just be rejected more and faster. On the other hand, it's possible to be extremely successful on OkCupid's free version if you have an optimized profile.

Ten fake profiles, one OkCupid experiment: OkCupid On Trial


Prosecutors say Jeffrey Epstein sent $350,000 in bribes to two possible co-conspirators days after the Miami Herald article was released last November (

The lesson here is that scumbags hang out with scumbags. No matter how rich the bosses of a dating site are, they can still be evil and almost always are:

CEO Of Arrested, Charged With Pimping : The Two ...

CEO Of Arrested, Charged With Pimping : The Two-Way Carl Ferrer, the chief executive of a classifieds website that allows users to post escort ads, was arrested in Texas on Thursday ...

New charges filed against Backpage bosses | The Trench ...

California Attorney General Kamala Harris, has filed new charges against the heads of Backpage. After having the pimping charges against Backpage dismissed, Harris is now pursuing charges of money laundering, 26 counts of it to be exact.

Dating website founder: Love doesn't exist (Opinion) -

Seeking Arrangement is a dating site, which means most of the men here are eventually hoping to have sex. Isn't that the point of dating? But this is not prostitution.


- You can rub a jelly on the male penis that prevents STD’s

Microbicides for sexually transmitted diseases are pharmacologic agents and chemical substances that are capable of killing or destroying certain microorganisms that commonly cause human infection (for example, the human immunodeficiency virus).

Microbicides are a diverse group of chemical compounds that exert their activity by a variety of different mechanisms of action. Multiple compounds are being developed and tested for their microbicidal activity in clinical trials. Microbicides can be formulated in various delivery systems including gels, creams, lotions, aerosol sprays, tablets or films (which must be used near the time of sexual intercourse) and sponges and vaginal rings (or other devices that release the active ingredient(s) over a longer period). Some of these agents are being developed for vaginal application, and for rectal use by those engaging in anal sex.

- The Oraquick mouth-swab is at every major pharmacy and can detect HIV in minutes with high accuracy

With OraQuick®, you have the comfort of getting your test results in the privacy of your own home. It's the only at-home oral HIV test approved by the FDA.

- Home tests can now detect the top STD’s

You must be tested for the following STD’s before you start dating:

- CHLAMYDIA (genital, throat, rectal)

- GONORRHEA (genital, throat, rectal)


- HIV I & II






If you do not test for these STD’s on a regular basis, in the modern world, you will probably get one of them

plus your own doctor and any community clinic…

- You can take pills to prevent HIV

Per: can take Prep Pills to prevent HIV but you can’t usually get the prescription unless you tell the doctor you are ass-fucking gay men all of a sudden… It works on non-gay people but they don’t like to give it to straight people for odd political reasons.

- Get a home lab

The equipment to test for STD’s used to cost millions of dollars but now you can buy forensics portable testing equipment for less than $30,000.00 to test yourself and any new partner quickly. If you avoiding getting AIDS, $30,000.00 is worth the investment. The prices are always dropping. As a backup plan, you can use ORAQUICK and a combination of these tests:


Many first dates and new couples find it hard to think of things to do. Here is a small sample of the things you can do in just one area, ie: around the San Francisco Bay Area:

- Walk around Angel Island

- Ask a stranger for directions to the nearest park

- Attend a performance at Zellerbach Hall at the University of California in Berkeley

- Attend an Animation Film Festival

- Back the car up to a cliff-side view of the ocean and have a picnic in the back over-looking the entire Pacific ocean

- Bake Cookies

- Go to the student film festival at one of the universities

- Find a beach you have never visited yet

- Bed & Breakfast Inns

- Borrow a dog and take them for a run on the beach

- Build a roadside library box and fill it with your old bookstore-

- Buy a book at City Lights bookstore in San Francisco's North Beach

- Buy a pumpkin for Halloween in Half Moon Bay at Bob’s Pumpkin Patch

- Call into radio shows and see how much airtime you can get

- Camp, hike, bike ride, fish or whatever you like in Lake Tahoe (Several hours from the Bay Area)

- Check Out Art Galleries

- Climb a tree

- Collect stuff at the beach

- Crash a wedding reception at a Golf Club

- Dance to Salsa music in the Mission District of San Francisco

- Do an exotic jigsaw puzzle

- Do the “step-over” in a cross-walk

- Drive along Highway between San José and Santa Cruz See beautiful mountains, homes, redwoods and much more

- Drive Big Sur and stop at Nepenthe or the Post Ranch Inn

- Drive down every road in Napa and explore

- Drive scenic Highway from San Francisco to Santa Barbara

- Drive to the top of Mount Hamilton and see the Lick Observatory in San José

- Drop someone off at Alcatraz Island

- Eat Dessert

- Eat Good food

- Enjoy a beautiful summer day anywhere in the Bay Area

- Enjoy a California or Stanford basketball game

- Enjoy a performance or an exhibition at the Mission Cultural Arts Center in San Francisco

- Enjoy a sunset at any beach

- Enjoy camping on a beach south of Carmel Camping is available on beaches all the way to the Mexican border

- Enjoy international food and listen to music all weekend long during Tapestry and Talent in downtown San José

- Enjoy the beautiful homes and breathtaking coastline while driving from Pacific Grove through Del Monte ending in Carmel

- Enjoy the San José Jazz Festival at Cesar Chavez Plaza

- Enjoy the Santa Clara County Fair in San José

- Feed a homeless person

- Feed a squirrel

- Fish, drink a soda and eat calamari at the Santa Cruz Pier

- Flip some coins into a fountain

- Fly a glider over the farms of Monterey

- Fly acrobatic dual line kits

- Fly gliders

- Fly kites

- Flying Kites

- Foot Tickling

- Get a lifetime National Park pass and use it every month

- Get/Give a massage

- Go bike riding or just enjoy the flowers at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco

- Go boating in the San Francisco Bay

- Go Dancing

- Go dancing at the Top of the Mark in San Francisco

- Go dining with friends

- Go fishing off the Capitola Pier and enjoy the live jazz music on some weekends

- Go fishing off the Pacifica Wharf

- Go Furniture Hunting

- Go Hiking at Pescadero

- Go horseback riding near Uvas Meadows in San José

- Go People Watching in North Beach

- Go Roller Skating

- Go Sailing as ‘rail meat’

- Go sailing on the San Francisco Bay as a party filler guest

- Go shopping in downtown San Francisco There are too many shops to list Buy everything from fly-fishing gear to high-end fashions

- Go swimming

- Go swing on the Alta Plaza Swings on top of the hill

- Go to a bed and breakfast inn and pretend it is the 1800’s

- Go to a bonfire at the beach

- Go to a City Hall hearing and raise hell about an issue

- Go to a holiday buffet at the Cliff House

- Go to A Music Festival

- Go to A Restaurant

- Go to an Aquarium

- Go to annual Greek festival in San José

- Go to annual Italian Carnaval at San José's Holy Cross Church

- Go to Art Openings

- Go to brunch at the Awahnee/Majestic in Yosemite

- Go to Carnaval in San Francisco

- Go to downtown Los Gatos (Los Altos, Palo Alto, Burlingame, Sausalito, etc) and observe yuppies as they down $$$$ cappuccinos

- Go to Flea Markets

- Go to Japan town in San Francisco

- Go to MACLA in San José and see a Chicano art exhibit or performance

- Go to Matinees

- Go to Mitchell’s ice cream in San Francisco and get a hand-made ice cream

- Go to Museums

- Go to National Parks

- Go to Nordstrom's in downtown San Francisco and get your shoes shined

- Go to San Juan Bautista and visit the Mission and shop for antiques in a rural setting

- Go To The Beach

- Go to the Castro Theater in San Francisco and see a movie and an organ performance during intermission

- Go to the Century theaters and see an IMAX movie in San José

- Go to the DeSassait Photography Gallery at Santa Clara University

- Go to the Driving Range

- Go to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San José

- Go to the San José Museum of Art

- Go to the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk

- Go to The Secret Beach

- Go to the Stanford University Chapel for a performance of classical music

- Go to the traditional Thanksgiving Big Bone Game between Lincoln and San José High

- Go to the University of California at Santa Cruz to see the beautiful campus and redwoods

- Go to the world's largest flea market in San José

- Go water or snow skiing (gambling too) in Lake Tahoe (Several hours away)

- Go water skiing at Calero reservoir or at other great area reservoirs or lakes

- Go water skiing in the San Joaquin Delta

- Grab a cup of coffee at Java Beach and stroll the beach in San Francisco

- Haggle at Garage Sales

- Hang out at one of the many Silicon Valley watering holes in San Mateo to San José

- Hang out with the tourists at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf and Pier

- Have A Barbecue

- Have a BBQ at San José's Alum Rock Park

- Have a deadly caramel ice cream sundae at Fenton’s

- Have a doughnut at Rollo's in San José

- Have a night entirely lit by candles

- Have A Picnic

- Have a picnic at Stinson Beach

- Have a sandwich or coffee at Robert's of Woodside Woodside is just off Highway and is an affluent 'barb nestled in the forest. Maybe locals Joan Baez, Michelle Pfieffer or Neil Young will say hi

- Have a slice of pizza at Frida's Pizza in San Francisco's Mission District

- Have a steak at Original Joes in downtown San José

- Have a Taco at Taco Bell (on the beach) in Pacifica

- Have a tasty hamburger or a crepe at the Crepevine in San Francisco's Sunset District

- Have an ice cream at Ben and Jerry's on the corner of Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco

- Have breakfast at the Pork Store in the Haight Ashbury in San Francisco

- Have coffee at Mr Toot's (by the beach) in Capitola

- Have lunch in downtown Mendocino Watch but out for the pot brownies!

- Have lunch in the quaint Saratoga Village near Big Basin Way or Congress Springs Road

- Have some corn on the cob or sushi at the San José Nihonmachi festival in Japan Town in San José

- Have some Japanese food in San José's Japantown

- Have some of the best pizza on earth at North Beach Pizza of San Francisco

- Have some of the best Vietnamese food in the Bay Area at Tu Lan on (sleazy)Street near Market Park yourself next to the cooks (my favorite spot) and watch the cooks perform

- Have Sunday brunch in downtown Carmel

- Hike in the magnificent Muir Woods

- Hike or picnic at Alum Rock Park in San José

- Horse Riding

- Hot Tubs

- House Tours

- Hugging

- Indulge in a holiday buffet at The Top of The Mark (Especially Christmas and Thanksgiving)

- Inspect the archives at the Chicano Center at San José State

- Inspect the studios of emerging artists during open studios in San José or San Francisco

- Jet Skiing

- Just look in the newspaper your bound to find a festival, performance or exhibit that is just right for you in the beautiful San Francisco Bay AreaKeep an eye out for whales near Davenport

- Kick back (really kick back) and enjoy some coffee in Santa Cruz at Cafe Pergolesi

- Lay in the sun

- Listen to Los Lobos or other performers at Santa Cruz's Catalyst

- Listen to music or dance in a club in San Francisco

- Look at photo exhibits

- Look at the stars

- Look on Goldstar dot com for fun deals

- Make a gift for a donation box

- Make a leaf pile and jump in it

- Make Dinner Together

- Make faces at strangers to make them laugh

- Night Picnics

- North Beach

- Open Studios

- Pick a quiet spot in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and have a picnic or toss the Frisbee

- Picnic along the secluded San Mateo Coast

- Picnic or play basketball at the San Francisco Art Institute You will enjoy a great view of Fisherman's Wharf from the roof top basketball court and cafe

- Plant a tree for a school

- Play cards

- Play Frisbee

- Play With Dogs

- Play with people’s dogs at the beach and hide dog kibble in your socks

- Practice Kissing

- Punch in “Parks” on your GPS and see where it takes yourself

- Refinish furniture together

- Relax and enjoy the cool ocean breeze at any beach during the summer

- Rent a houseboat on Shasta Lake Get a tan or go fishing

- Rent A Movie

- Ride your bike in affluent Woodside, Atherton or Hillsborough

- Say hi to ex-Mayor's Ron Gonzales of San José, Willie Brown of San Francisco or Jerry Brown of Oakland What are they up to this year?

- See a painting by Frida Kahlo at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

- See a special performance or contemporary art at Villa Montalvo in Monte Sereno

- See a Stanford or California football game

- See art or picnic at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco

- See Chicano Art at Galeria de La Raza in San Francisco

- See lowriders, Banda dancers, and much more, at the enormous San José Cinco de Mayo

- See motorcycle or auto races at Laguna Seca

- See Teatro Campesino perform La Posada in San Juan Bautista

- See the Cleveland and San José Ballet perform Take in a symphony, opera or ballet in San Francisco, San José or Oakland

- See the fish at San Francisco's Steinhart Aquarium

- See the Forty-niners play football in SF

- See the giant redwoods and amp at Big Basin State Park

- See the giant redwoods in Big Basin Park near San José

- See the San José Sharks (NHL)

- See the sea lions at the Pier in San Francisco

- See the sea otters and sea lions play at Cannery Row in Monterey

- Shoot pool

- Shop and play in Capitola

- Shop at Bloomingdale's near Stanford University and observe the yuppies

- Shop at San Francisco's Goodwill or Sak's Fifth Avenue stores

- Shop at Santana Row and make up stories about couples

- Shop in the Castro, Haight Ashbury, Mission, Noe Valley, Pacific Heights, Marina or any of the unique districts of San Francisco and watch the posers

- Shop or eat in San Francisco's Chinatown

- Sit in a sidewalk cafe and pretend to be a hipster or beatnik

- Sneak into Google and Facebook and eat all the free food

- Snuggle

- Soak in the bathtub

- Stop by the tranquil Hakone Japanese Gardens near Saratoga

- Stroll along secluded Agate beach in Bolinas

- Swing on each of the swing-sets on top of every hill in SF (This is one on each – Find them)

- Take a cable car ride in San Francisco

- Take a charter boat-fishing trip out of Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Monterey, Half Moon Bay or Berkeley

- Take a dip and enjoy a massage at one of the many hot tubs in Santa Cruz like the Well Within

- Take a Red and White boat tour of the San Francisco Bay

- Take a short walk to the Haight Ashbury District near Golden Gate Park

- Take a train to the Train Museum in Sacramento and back again

- Take an extension class at one of the many colleges in the Bay Area

- Take CalTrain from San José to San Francisco and back

- Take in Japanese Culture at the San José Obon festival Bring a fan and kimono and join the dance and procession

- Take photos in secluded Bodega Bay

- Take the Ferry to Sausalito

- Take time for a leisurely coffee or lunch in Santa Cruz's Pacific Garden Mall

- Test Drive Exotic Cars

- Tour the wine country and have some beer

- Try an open mic nightlife

- Try Harmonica Playing

- Try Massage with Feathers

- Try the Paddleboats in Golden Gate Park

- Visit Alaska

- Visit Angel Island in San Francisco Bay

- Visit Antique Stores

- Visit California's most beautiful Mission in Carmel

- Visit Dee Harley and play with the Baby goats at Harley Farms

- Visit Golden Gate Park

- Visit Point Reyes

- Visit Sanborn Park

- Visit the dramatic shoreline of Carmel

- Visit the Green Gulch Zen Center near Mill Valley Walk from there to the gardens to the beach where Alan Watts lived

- Visit the KPFA (lefty) studios in Berkeley

- Visit the San José Rose Garden (Before San José evolved to become the heart of Silicon Valley it was called the Garden City)

- Visit upscale galleries in downtown Carmel or San Francisco

- Volunteer to walk pets at the SPCA

- Walk by the Boats In Sausalito and see Carla Fiorini’s chrome boat crane on her boat

- Walk down the Napier Lane steps

- Watch for Bobby the Bobcat on Mt Tam and the glider point

- Watch out for firecrackers at San Francisco's Chinese New Years Parade

- Watch the Giants play baseball at the new Pac Bell Park in San Francisco

- Watch the Oakland Raiders play football at the Oakland Coliseum

- Wear formal wear to an informal event or just walk around Union Square in a tux like you are going to some big deal event

- While in San Francisco, get to the corner of Cole and Carl by taking the "N" Judah trolley from downtown

...and that was with just a few friends discussing ideas. You can come up with a list this big for your town...just use your imagination.