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A series exploring the social and cultural echo-chamber of entitlement and take-what-you-want frat-house extremism that typifies Silicon Valley venture capitalists and their tech CEO's.

Every few years a burst of revelation articles appear and reveal the latest batch of sexual abuses and misogyny horrors levied upon Stanford interns and Palo Alto young ladies by Silicon Valley "Elites". After a week of discussion, those very same venture capitalists grind out orders to Facebook, Google and their main stream media to shut all of the media coverage down. The news stories disappear and the tech oligarchs can get back to raping and pillaging.

The VC's go into recovery mode. They put pictures of their female interns and secretaries on their "Team" page on their websites in a grid of photos to make it look like "we hire girls too" and they make the pictures the same size as the old Jewish bosses who run each VC firm. They pay off the pregnant ones and send the shell-shocked ones to another city. They issue the boiler-plate "we will try harder" BS media statement (which actually means "we will try harder not to get caught"). They pull a few Twitter accounts and they continue to rape, abuse and pervert.

They can afford nearly undetectable date rape drugs, skin applied topical narcotic night club stimulants, 60 proof alcohol, pheromone and oxytocin mood manipulation vapor sprays and "I AM RICH AND I CAN TAKE CARE OF YOU" Aston Martins and Ferrari's. For $800.00 they can get any girl or guy in a sexual position that they never would have gotten into if they were in a non- compromised mental state.

They could hire a hooker but the ultimate goal of Silicon Valley Oligarchs is to control and manipulate vulnerable people. They are not into it for sexual pleasure. They do these twisted things in order to raise themselves up in their own eyes. The hookers that Google executives hire say that the executives hire them so that they can be "dismissed" after they are used for sex. Every intern says that they felt "used". The vulnerable female entrepreneurs that they extort sex from (with promises of funding) say that they feel "raped". Nobody feels good after an encounter with these men.

The men's names are famous and notorious. Their firms are Greylock, Accel, Kleiner Perkins, Intel Ventures, Google Ventures, Firelake, Khosla, Westley and other names that you see in the news every day. Here are some of these stories:

Silicon Valley's Raveesh Kumra's, Of Tesla Investments, Use of Hookers Caused Homicide: Court Docs

Why It's Time to Flip or Change Your Mattress
Courtesy of Kumra family
Raveesh Kumra, 66, of Monte Sereno

New court documents released Friday show new details in the high profile murder in the Santa Clara County town of Monte Sereno.

On Nov. 30, 2012 Raveesh Kumra and his estranged wife were bound and gagged during a home invasion robbery. Investigators said the night ended with at least three robbers getting away with stolen goods, Kumra dead on the kitchen floor and his estranged wife injured.

Four people have been arrested in connection with the crime, and police said more arrests are possible.

Lukis Anderson, Javier Garcia, Deangelo Austin and Raven Dixon all face charges in connection to the homicide. 

First of Three Monte Sereno Murder Suspects Appears in Court

[BAY] First of Three Monte Sereno Murder Suspects Appears in Court
There are new details in the murder of a controversial South Bay millionaire. One of the three suspects accused of killing Ravi Kumra and beating his ex-wife during a home invasion robbery made his first court appearance Wednesday. NBC Bay Area's Kris Sanchez reports.
(Published Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013)

The documents released Friday show some of the DNA evidence police gathered that lead them to the suspects and it points to the connection between the suspects and the victim. The link, according to the documents, is Kumra's well known use of prostitutes.

One of the alleged prostitutes, is one of the suspects under arrest  - 22 year old Dixon.

The criminal documents state the Dixon's cell phone had many photos of Kumra's Monte Sereno mansion. The document shows she tried to get together with Kumra many times in the months before he was killed and he refused her.

Prostitute Not Connected to Monte Sereno Homicide

[BAY] Prostitute Not Connected to Monte Sereno Homicide
John Ambrosio, the attorney for Raven Chanel Dixon, says his client has nothing to do with the murder of Ravi Kumra of Monte Sereno. She is in custody on prostitution, drug and "accessory after the fact" charges.
(Published Monday, Dec. 31, 2012)

Dixon's attorney, John Ambrosio, declined comment on Friday, saying he needed to talk to his client first about the newly public documents

Investigators also said Dixon she was connected to the other suspects, who police said are members of a gang who has in the past robbed homes specifically in the Asian and Indian communities.

The "statement of facts" also shows DNA found in the Kumra home put the male suspects at the scene of the crime.