THE MOST EVIL COMPANIES IN ONLINE DATING, OK Cupid, Farmers Only, Plenty Of Fish, Bumble and all companies owned by IACs have been accused of knowingly:

Using Fake Profiles To Sucker Subscribers and create "ClickBait".

Using Dead Russian Hookers For Profile Pictures.

Mood manipulating users in order to trick them into doing things.

Giving spy agencies open access to all users actions, texts and emails.

Selling user data to data-mining companies.

Stealing photos of models to create fake profiles.

Hiring armies of off-shore contractors to write fake profiles all day.

Selling user information to marketing companies.

Selling user information to political parties.

Exploiting fragile users emotions in order to trick them into buying things.

Acting as a front for Prostitutes and Escorts.

Reading users emails and texts for fun.

Swapping users personal pictures in staff clubs.

Selling users profiles to other dating services without their permission.

And many other unethical and criminal actions...

All users of these services are encouraged to join CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS so that they can be financially compensated for online abuse and manipulation.