Always remember: If (s)he will cheat WITH you, (s)he will cheat ON you. (whatever)

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This is so blindingly obvious that I have never understood people who go on to long term relationships with someone who was cheating on their last. Everyone seems to think they are different so it won’t happen to them. But it doesn’t matter whether they are different or not. It matters whether they are messing around with a cheater. Because the cheater is the same.

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Basically, when women have sex it messes their brains into believing they are bonded with that person and they do all kinds of irrational things. I have never heard of men wanting to marry women that cheat with them but maybe, some people are just fucked in the head.

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It does go both ways. I’ve personally known both men and women who made the mistake. Dumbasses.

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People want to fuck around and not feel like whores so they enter into relationships that neither really intend to take to the grave they just want fucky fucky.

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I never wanted to marry them, but they fantasized about getting divorced and marrying me, just because I was new/different and fucking them. Some separated, some married. All too much hassle. Haven't tagged another married going 15 years now. I was YDFofC....

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It's obvious from an outsider's perspective. That applies to so many situations. The reality seems obvious unless you are the one in it and caught up in the lust. Regardless of what anyone says with respect to morals, there isn't a person out there who doesn't get excited when someone who is ostensibly "taken" gives them attention. It's a thrill because it appeals directly to that primal competitive object in us. It's ego masturbation.

We've all been there at one time or another. We'd be dishonest to say that the taboo of it doesn't entice us now again. It's just that the better of us - and the learned of us - know it's a huge case of "the grass isn't always greener". There is a reason civilization has evolved certain morals, and it's not to please God, despite the fact that is where the morals were encoded as doctrine on a surface level. It's because to not act in the way the moral describes actually creates more chaos, and hurts you too. We are enticed by poison.

I've learned this lesson personally once. You get pulled in by the "he's such an asshole and I deserve better" shenanigans. It's always horseshit. No woman leaves a man who is providing well for her because he "isn't there for her emotionally". When I start hearing statements like that, I run. It's always a fucking grenade, and if for whatever reason you need to be told this: NEVER EVER approach anything like this at the place where you work. It can destroy your work environment quickly, and whatever mini-culture exists there between yourself and another group of co-workers. Don't have sex where they write your checks.

Once bitten twice shy. I've seen friends learn this lesson as well. It seems many people require learning it once. But if you can benefit from the truth of somebody else, try. This particular truth never fails. Ever.

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No woman leaves a man who is providing well for her because he "isn't there for her emotionally"

Wrong. My cousin just did this. Her husband (high school sweetheart) has a great job and provided very well, but wouldn't support her when she would tell her pre-teen and teenage daughters they couldn't do something and would let the girls do whatever they wanted, which made my cousin the evil parent every time. He also wasn't affectionate with my cousin. Well, she had enough and filed for divorce. Now, she's gone from living in a beautiful Victorian home on 5 acres to a tiny apartment, and her daughters chose to live with their father because he's the nice parent who lets them do whatever they want.

Also, my cousin has already found a nice guy with a good job and she hasn't even been divorced for 6 months.

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Love is blind as they say. I think everyone learns this sooner or later the hard way, unless the person is super analytical and smart. For anyone out there who's not sure, yes, if they are willing to cheat with you they'll cheat on you. They're not in the same headspace you are, and are lying.

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It's easy to see from the outside because you have nothing invested in it and can read it completely objectively. It's why doctors go to other doctors for medical diagnosis and treatment and lawyers go to other lawyers for legal representation. They just can't see things in such a coldly objective way when they're the ones caught in the middle of it.

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So fuck her but don't date her. Not exactly rocket science.

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there's logic in what you say, but at the same time, that's also degenerate.

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Less so degenerate moreso maladaptive coping strategy.

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Women are gonna be whores whether you fuck around or adhere to some irreligious asceticism. There is no reason at all to not have one night stands, because I guarantee that slut you think you might have a future with after the first date isn't thinking about anything other than having her sardine sinkhole filled. I'm not saying you won't form a relationship eventually or a relationship you already have is bad. I'm just saying to you amd everyone out there, do not expect great things from women.

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This is true! This is the advice I give to friends who want to leave their current wife or husband and think they are infatuated with someone.

Everybody's always looking for greener grass, but each person has their own battles along with their strengths.

Generally just trading one set for another.

The true depth comes from wading through it all and being committed. Too much chaos the other way, but I guess some thrive on the chaos.

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"Yeah, but this time is different"

No, no its not. Wait and see.

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Maybe they are always looking for the same person, then finding themselves disappointed.

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They're looking for a permanent, workable relationship with the person they let pop their tuna tin with everyone who goes into it afterwards. They never realize they were fucked for life after they dumped can opener #1 until they're hags.

Statistics on divorce in virgin marriages vs marriages after multiple partners back this up, too.

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Can't change a hoe into a housewife

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Threesome. No thanks. If I wanted to disappoint two people at the same time I'd have dinner with my parents

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Every day

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all day

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Women are genetically incapable of being faithful.

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That's not true. Some are just lazy or sorely misinformed and think sex is love. It's only love if you are committed to someone and willing to take the risks they someday they May cheat on you.

Many women feel that it is men who are incapable of faithfulness. I say it depends on the person and whether they have a real value system or not.

In some cases both women and men make themselves Believe they are incapable and born cheaters. But that is just a way for them to justify their chose deceptive, selfish behavior.

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Yes and no. Women are genetically attracted to the mentally and physically strongest male that they can find (aka: Alphas)

If you're a complete fuckass and just overall a pathetic excuse for a man, then Stacy will either leave you (or at the very least cheat on you) with Chad 9.5/10 times. That's what so fucking bullshit about the whole "Thot Patrol" movement. Yea, it's a redpill on the Female Imperative, and gives young men the knowledge that females aren't shit. But the fact that women cheat more often than men (yes, that is a fact, there was a psychological study published last year on it) can also be attributed to the fact that their "men" are pretty much just mate hoarders and they don't want to put in the work to become Chad

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We aren't animals. The "stacy and chad" thing is misunderstood and a misplaced complaint. Fidelity was traditionally enforced by social consequences and the inability of women to provide for themselves. This has worked in every civilized society since the start of recorded history. Women are now given welfare or high paying jobs and society completely collapsed years ago so there are no social consequences. That's why women act like this. One man and one public wife is the only way for a civilization to thrive and continue.

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Actually, it's men who are not affected by whether a relationship is good or not. Men will cheat and have sex with others even if they're in a good relationship. It alters the percentages for women, though. Of course there are some women who are whores who aren't any different than men.

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can confirm

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Isn't this common knowledge?!

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AWALT - you would think it is common knowledge, but common knowledge has been banned in primary schools and uni's for some time now.

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Happened to my brother. It was one of the first things I said to him when his relationship was new with the girl. He just chuckled and shrugged it off. 5 wasted years later, she never did one thing to build him up and ended up cheating on him. Devastates him and what does he do? Pursue another female with no car or job, but is already in a relationship and willing to cheat. My brother is a god damn moron.

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And if they cheat on you once, they will cheat on you again.

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YES, cheaters always cheat again. I forgave a cheating GF once and she just did it again a year later. The first time was just a learning experience for her so she got better at covering her tracks the second time. If you ever catch your partner cheating just walk away. Don't let your judgment be clouded by fond memories of the good times together. That person is dead and may have never existed to begin with.

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So what if the girls leaves her boyfriend for you is that considered the same? There is no cheating involved.

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Leaving one person for another is a form of cheating no matter how courteous a person is about it.

If she's in a bad relationship, she should end it. Not because there's someone waiting in the wings, but because of self-respect.

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Not exactly. Her boyfriend/husband could just suck, act incredibly insecure/controlling, or be a complete faggot.

If the guy is decent, then yeah she’ll probably cheat on you too.

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Bingo. If your woman cheats on you, 99% of the time it is your own fault. Not to make excuses for whorish behavior, but a real man will recognize when he fucks up.

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Naahhhh. 99% is a bit high. I may agree with you if all of the programming wasn't out there to turn people against each other.

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Does this count if she cheats off my homework?

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I worked with a tall thin blonde year's ago. My coworkers jokingly told her that I had been in prison for smuggling. All of a sudden she was interested in me.

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Tell me you didn't stick it in that crazy? I mean, crazy fucks are fun but it's rarely worth it.

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I didn't. It actually pissed me off.

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The idiots that tolerate branch swingers are the worst, but most female cheaters cheat with guys that won't agree to a long term relationship with them.

They'll make excuses to themselves about those guys not being "dating material", unlike the guys who will bend over backwards simply to be in their presence, but simply showing weakness, subservience, or complacency can get you recategorized as a provider (which also means that they'll be looking for a new fuck buddy or two)

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It's a pattern of behavior that in my opinion NEVER changes. It's typically an issue of low self esteem with the cheater, but there are other factors which I don't fully understand because that's never been behavior I engage in.

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not true. women are children, they'll do whatever they think they can get away with. if you're a beta cuck, expect to be cheated on. if you're an actual man and don't take her shit, and let her know that you have other options, she'll remain loyal.

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It's not my job to step in and be a husband AND a parent. My ex didn't know the difference between a checking and savings account, didn't know how insurance worked. Like, fucking really? What fucking parent doesn't teach their kid these things? That shit got old and was an important part of why I left. I got sick of that shit.

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Once a skeez....always a skeez.

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spoken like a true jew who wants to break up the family unit