Clay Haynes: “There’s teams dedicated to it… at least, three or four hundred people… they’re paid to look at d*ck pics.”
Pranay Singh, Twitter Engineer, Says “All your sex messages… d*ck pics… like, all the girls you’ve been f*cking around with, they’re are on my server now…”
“Everything you send is stored on my server… You can’t [delete it], it’s already on my server.”
Claims Twitter Stores Your Private Data to Sell to Advertisers, “They’ll make a virtual profile about you”
“You’re paying for the right to use our website with your data basically.”
“You leak way more information than you think… Like, if you go to Twitter for the first time, we have information about you.”
How Would You Protect People If This Power Fell Into the Wrong Hands? “You don’t,” Says Former Twitter Engineer Conrado Miranda, “There is no way.”
Continuation of Project Veritas’ American Pravda Series

(San Francisco) Project Veritas has released undercover footage of Twitter Engineers and employees admitting that Twitter employees view all of your private messages on their servers and analyze it to create a “virtual profile” of you which they sell to advertisers.

The footage features four current Twitter software engineers–Conrado Miranda, Clay Haynes, Pranay Singh, and Mihai Alexandru Florea.

Haynes, who was featured in part one of the Twitter exposé, admitted in a January 6, 2018 meeting that Twitter has hired hundreds employees with the express purpose of looking at these “d*ck pics,” stating:

“There’s teams dedicated to it. I mean, we’re talking, we’re talking three or four… at least, three or four hundred people… Yes, they’re paid to look at d*ck pics.”

Haynes continues to elaborate that even he himself has seen these “d*ck pics”

“I’ve seen way more penises than I’ve ever wanted to see in my life.”

“That’s, yeah… You know, actually… This sounds horrible, but I’m actually glad and fortunate it’s just dicks, it’s just blow job pictures, it’s just that type of stuff.”

Pranay Singh, a Direct Messaging Engineer for Twitter corroborated Haynes claims in a meeting with a Project Veritas journalist on January 5, 2018:

“Everything you send is stored on my server… So all your sex messages and you, like, d*ck pics are on my server now…”

“All your illegitimate wives and, like, all the girls you’ve been f*cking around with, they’re are on my server now… I’m going to send it to your wife, she’s going use it in your divorce.”

“So, what happens is like, you like, write something or post pictures on line, they never go away… Because even after you send them, people are like analyzing them, to see what you are interested in, to see what you are talking about. And they sell that data.”

According to Twitter software expert Mihai Florea, “To actually charge the advertisers the money we have to prove it was you, and that’s why using email address, or like a cookie or something that can track you.” Florea continues, saying, “You’re paying for the right to use our website with your data basically.”

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Even those without Twitter accounts have their data stored in their databases, according to Conrado Miranda: “You leak way more information than you think. Like, we have information from people–Like, if you go to Twitter for the first time, we have information about you.”

When asked how to protect people if that power fell into the wrong hands, Miranda responded “You don’t… There is no way.”

Clay Haynes also expressed his discomfort for Twitter’s policy in a December 29, 2017 meeting:

“It is a creepy Big Brother. It’s like a level… I don’t want to say it freaks me out, but it disturbs me.”

When Haynes was asked if this type of private information could leak from Twitter, he had this to say:

“Oh yeah, and it’s a genie out of the bottle kind of thing after that point. You know? Sure, I can fire them. Heck, I could probably even sue them, in some cases. But, the genie’s already out of the bottle. Like, how do actually recoup costs… you can’t calculate the cost or the damage of that.”

“Twitter is aggressively harvesting your personal information and tracking your every movement, selling your virtual dossier to the highest bidder ” says Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe. “Even more alarming is that these Twitter employees don’t seem to think that they are the ‘biggest brother’ out there… We have more to come – stay tuned.”

  • Russia is nowhere near the dangerous enemy that the American media is...!

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    Now connect the dots. This is what the NSA does. They collect info and then blackmail judges, politicians, generals, whomever. That’s how congress passes what they do, that’s how Roberts votes for Obamacare, how elections are won, etc.

    Now go one step further. Collecting info is one thing. Imagine making up the info. They can backdoor into anything. Meaning they could install anything.

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    Why would anybody use social media for private things?

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    Ten years ago I thought the PC culture was going to destroy the country but social media is worse. Never joined facebook or other sites where you share your thoughts with people. You can search my name and you come up with nothing but my address and phone number,

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    Veritas is second only to Trump in clear headed honesty and daring!

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    All your information is accessible by foreign nationals from India and elsewhere. Twitter, Google, Facebook, and more importantly, US banks send all your personal financial information (account numbers, account balances, address) into the hands of foreign nationals from India and elsewhere. Thanks to donor puppet politicians and traitor CEOs, your data is being sent out of the country on a daily basis, into 3rd world countries, with lax laws.

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    So what's new about this? The internet never forgets. I've known that from day one, and I'm a tech-idiot.

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    Time to quit Twitter-Stop using FB years ago.

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    Googlet, Flamebook, I.stone, Twist- have all your data- profit from your data. Folks are giving away privacy and its killing society. This social media stuff and tech toys have destroyed human conversation and touch.

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    If you use twitter or Facebook to send private messages, you are out of your frigging mind.

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    Twitter looks like it's staffed by the 3rd world...I read half of these tech companies are staffed with visa holding foreigners, it's a strange world where you're actually being spied on from foreign your own backyard that your government actively recruits and helps come here to spy on you..

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    Mass euthanasia of liberals would go a long way in preserving the strength, dignity, and sanity of the United States of America.

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    Facebook, Disqus, and the providers that use their comment plugins, host much of the BODY POLITIC of the United States of America. These providers must protect the free speech of their users. They have become de facto utilities requiring public accountability.

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    The best part is that the twitter losers are so desperate for any woman that they will say anything once they have a couple drinks to try and impress O'Keefe's undercover female reporters. Its like some of these dudes have never seen a naked woman and instead they stare at dic pics all day. This is the definition of the Beta cuck male.

    2:05 'Maybe I could hack into her' - the cringe heard round the world.

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    Twitter, FB and Google are truly evil. I always knew it was going to be like this.

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    I'm glad they got my info. Now they know how GD much I hate em all!!LMFAO

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    "Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms”. - Aristotle, -------
    “democracy passes into despotism” - Plato. -------
    “democracies have, in general, been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.” James Madison, 4th USA President, author of Bill of Rights, Father of US Republican Constitution. ---------
    "The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home. If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be under the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." - James Madison, 4th USA President, author of the Bill of Rights, Father of the US Republican Constitution. –-----
    The democRATcy started replacing our USA Republic in 1913 with socialist president Woodrow Wilson, and the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve. -------
    WHO OWNS the PC (political correctness) movement, and wants to limit our 1st Amendment? The regressive socialist Nazi democRATS. Where and when did PC originate? GERMANY. 1923. -------
    WHAT do the regressive socialist Nazi democRATS want to take away from you? Your private property, your home ownership. Web search: "NYC mayor Deblassio private property". -------
    WHO WANTS the 2nd Amendment personal defense against dictatorship eliminated from the USA? The regressive socialist Nazi democRATS. -------
    WHO CONTROLS the schools, text books, medias, dictionaries, Internet, and what you are Repeatedly programmed to think? WHO is constantly rewriting the history books? The regressive socialist Nazi RATS. -------
    WHO WANTS the USA to submit to the UN New World Order dictatorship? The Nazi RATS. -------
    WHAT IS DEEP INSIDE the Obama health care Bill? RFID forced micro-chipping the USA citizens for 24/7 surveillance. Section: Subtitle C-11 Sec. 2521 – National Medical Device Registry. Joe Biden asked Justice John Roberts at a Confirmation Hearing: "Can a miniature tag be implanted into a human body to track his every movement? You will rule on that, mark my words, before your tenure is over." Youtube “nancy pelosi we have to pass the bill” -------
    “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions” - Adolf Hitler quote, speech on May 1, 1927. Toland, John (1992). Adolf Hitler. Anchor Books. pp.224-225. --------
    Regressive socialists Nazi democRATS are WRONG. Wealth & property owned ONLY by dictatorship government is immoral. The vast majority of People are good and deserve to have Freedom, personal wealth, and private property - and not be the slave property of any state. Personal responsibility, good performance, and the USA Republican Constitution gives you the right to be Free, obtain wealth, and have private property. --------
    The word democracy is NOT in the US Constitution, NOT in the Declaration of Independence, NOT in the Bill of Rights. >>> US Constitution - Article 4 - Section 4: "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive, against domestic Violence".

    see more
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    this is a Plot to bring twitter down to shut trump up. They don't like trump bypassing the liberal media.

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    Twitter accepts paid advertising targeted very specifically at desired users.

    If an Outdoorsmen's Outfitter pays Twitter to target their ads at people who enjoy hunting and post things like pictures of guns (Termed Rednecks or Sh*tty People by Twitter employees), they will be defrauded, according to these Twitter employees. These scumbags admit that they are faking the number of tweets and retweets, etc from "Rednecks", thus every time they sell an ad they are using fraudulent representations of where the advertising will go, and how many people will see it. This is fraud on a massive scale. In my opinion, of course.

    Here is Cabelas Twitter:

    and stats:

    I wonder how much Cabelas/BassProShops pays Twitter? Probably a large sum to pepper their 372,000 followers with ad blitzes. BassProShops probably has more than that. I bet there is someone in the advertising or accounting departments at BassProShops/Cabelas who would be interested in hearing that employees admit (BRAG) that Twitter is defrauding them.

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    is this really a surprise to anyone? Don't we all realize now digital files rarely disappear?

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    And this is a who????

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    They should call the last 10 year period of social media 'The Voluntary 1984's'.

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    And she(Hillary) still not in jail...Hummmmm.


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