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Former Members of NXIVM former Mexican presidents: ■ Emiliano Salinas and his sister Cecilia - President Carlos Salinas (1988-94)

Most of the presidents were PRI from what i understand(correct me if i am wrong), and if so then this now turns into one of the largest political scandals in history. It would span both Mexican political parties, and would be a direct connection to Mexican politics and human trafficking.

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Great post! Here's hoping that the persistance of this pizzagate forum can score some similar results some day. Frank Parloto is lucky to be alive what with his Mexican connections. All I do is comment but I really do admire and appreciate the work effort of all the Pizzagators. Should we have a logo of an alligator chomping down a slice of pizza? Or maybe Alefantis in a pizza costume. I do hope that we can eventually pull Alefantis,, Hillary and the Podestas back into our crosshairs.