An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth: How Tesla Became a Trillion-Dollar Company Through Corruption, Bribery And Cronyism

Astonishing story about the rise of green technologies using political payola

The Obama-Biden administration appointed a venture capitalist from Kleiner Perkins as a member of an economic advisory board. They also signed a government loan for help American automotive industry to a company (without any manufacturing capacity in the United States) that Kleiner Perkins has invested in.

Surprisingly, the credit limit has not been exhausted, large manufacturers like General Motors or Chrysler did not receive money, but two unprofitable startups from California, selling several hundred cars each, did. We already know the main lobbyists of Fisker — they are Al Gore and John Doerr, who invested in Fisker through Kleiner Perkins. But were they acquainted with Elon Musk? A brief search immediately gave a positive answer to that question.

There was no direct investment from the fund in the company, nevertheless it seems that there was another strong connection between Kleiner Perkins and Tesla. Is Al Gore really not a government subsidy beneficiary for Tesla? My confirmation bias did not allow this thought to get along in my head. Searching for keywords, I came across publications in Yahoo Finance and Insider Monkey. The articles mentioned Gore’s earlier investment in Tesla.

As a result, Al Gore was the direct beneficiary of providing state loans under the ATVM program for Fisker Automotive and Tesla Motors, in which he owned shares through venture funds Kleiner Perkins and Capricorn Investment Group.

The person who owns stakes in Tesla and Fisker first knocks out government loans and then pushes a law according to which manufacturers of electric vehicles should pay fewer taxes, and buyers of electric vehicles should receive tax deductions. Can you imagine?

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