The Cancer Subsidies

WARNING: This server is “wired”, using comparative AI analysis software, to act as evidence proving that Google, Facebook and other tech companies manipulate server access and search results to help themselves and harm their competitors in violation of anti-trust laws and human rights standards. 48 hours after we confronted the White House press officers: Robert Gibbs and Jay Carney with our FBI-produced evidence, they were gone from their positions. The same for Secretary of Energy Steven Chu. The same For NHTSA boss David Strickland. Then AG Holder. Then Sara Winslow, the DOJ Chief of the Civil Division. It has happened over 100 times. Every corrupt government executive that reviews our evidence gets fired or forced to resign because our evidence is rock solid and people from FBI, GAO, CIA and Congress put that evidence together. Dirty politicos might have their insiders inside all of the government agencies but we have ours that: 1.) protect us, 2.) spy on the bad guys 24/7, 3.) outnumber the corrupt ones by 20:1 and always get their targets! Good always finally triumphs over evil!

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