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Because of what the “THE FACEBOOK/META FACE-PLANT” matter exposed; citizens are calling their elected officials and demanding that the Department of Defense and The Department Of Justice CUT-OFF Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram from their global DNS servers until they FULLY answer to Congress for their crimes and lies. This Silicon Valley social crime operation has been proven to be a national security risk, a dire threat to our youth, a bribery operator and a threat to society as a whole! October 4, 2021 was the first day in modern human history that the entire planet was freed from the social stain that is the Facebook empire. University data scientists and forensic internet analysts were able to compare traffic manipulations on Oct 1., 2021, by Facebook’s web manipulation and privacy harvesting gang, to the “clean” internet that uniquely existed on Oct. 4, 2021. You can see the changes. You can see who was controlling what. You can see the fake user data stop…and start. The whole thing is rigged and the scientific facts now prove it!

The Congressional Senate Commerce hearings have further proved that FACEBOOK operates exactly like a Mexican drug cartel run by ‘El Zucko‘ pushing addictive media and messaging to kids and vulnerable citizens in order to control global politics. Zuckerberg’s “Tech Cartel” owns the U.S. Congress with billions of dollars of bribes and lobbyists. We have warned Congress and the agencies about these issues, in writing, since 2002 but lobbyists seem to speak louder than justice! The facts prove that Facebook is one of the largest abusers of children in the world. FACEBOOK-META makes over one billion dollars, per day, for each day that they delay Congress from acting! If Osama Bin Laden and Adolph Hitler jointly owned Google and Facebook and Congress repeatedly called them in for hearings and at the end of each hearing they said “We made some mistakes but we will do better”, would you ever believe them? Would you wonder how Congress could go for decades without stopping them? If you found Nazi gold bars and underage Afghan slaves in the closets of the Senators, would that better explain why Congress does nothing about Facebook And Google?


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