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Organizations Tied To David Brock, John Podesta and Google Used Taxpayer Money From Illicit Political Interventions and Department of Energy Schemes To Fund Obama and Clinton Campaigns




From a report by William Craddick, an expanded review of the Obama Administration “Slush-Fund” payola scheme is proving epic corruption was in play using taxpayer dollars.


A case of US governmental meddling in the political affairs of a foreign ally previously investigated by Congress appears to have also been part of a scheme to launder taxpayer money and use it to fund the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, a crowdsourced investigation online has revealed. The effort has revealed that organizations tied to high ranking members of Shareblue and its holding company conspired with John Kerry’s Department of State to use taxpayer funds in an effort to unseat Benjamin Netanyahu as the Prime Minister of Israel. The funds appear to potentially have then been laundered and returned via a campaign consulting group tied to former President Barack Obama, ultimately being used to fund the U.S. presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Steven Chu and the Department of Energy “Cleantech” scam that used money filtered through Tesla, Solyndra and other crony operations appears to be the same kind of crony kick-back scam. In this one case example, of many, the scheme went like this:


I. Funds Passed From The Department Of State Were Used By OneVoice In An Attempt To Unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


Peter Daou is the CEO of Shareblue’s holding company, True Blue Media LLC. Mr. Daou played an integral role in the site’s transformation from True Blue Media to Shareblue. Mr. Daou was also a former advisor to Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and former Senator Arlen Specter. His website reveals that he has also advised the Clinton Foundation, the now shuttered Clinton Global Initiative, the U.S. Department of Energy, the United Nations Foundation, Microsoft, Intel, AARP, Inc., Action Against Hunger, PR Newswire and Bloomberg Philanthropies, two news organizations which both have close ties to the City of London-based UBM plc.


Mr. Daou has played an advisory role for OneVoice International, an “international grassroots movement that amplifies the voice of mainstream Israelis and Palestinians, empowering them to propel their elected representatives toward the two-state solution.” OneVoice’s partners include an impressive list of global special interests including the Association of British Muslims, the UK Conservative Party, Google, Crown Family Philanthropies, the European Commission (part of the European Union), High Atlas Foundation, the UK Labour Party, the Rayne Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Peter Daou’s involvement with OneVoice creates a very apparent conflict of interest given the massive number of foreign interests who are affiliated with the organization. Gary Gladstein, the former Chief Operating Officer of Soros Fund Management, is listed as an Honorary Board Member of OneVoice.


In 2014, OneVoice was awarded nearly $350,000 by the Department of State just weeks after most political observers said it was only a matter of time before the Netanyahu coalition would collapse and new elections would be held. The cash was used by OneVoicePalestine (OVP) in their “The Land is Ours” on September 25, 2014 in a campaign to promote the stated American policy of a “two-state solution” and the un-stated policy of deciding the borders for a Palestinian Authority country. The money ultimately ended up in the hands of Victory 15, a “grassroots style” campaign whose main objective was to unseat Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel in the 2015 legislative elections.


While OneVoice maintained that they did not directly use or grant the funds to influence the 2015 elections, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations found that this was exactly what transpired. OneVoice in fact, “deployed the campaign infrastructure and resources created using grant funds to support an anti-Netanyahu political campaign.” The subcommittee ultimately found no legal wrongdoing by State because there was restriction on how the peace process infrastructure could be used after the grant expired in 2014. OneVoice had previously engaged in political activism during Israel’s 2013 elections, leading the State Department to be criticized for “lax oversight” which caused officials to miss clear warning signs and allowed the use of taxpayer funds to intervene in the internal affairs of a strategic American ally.


Most damningly, the subcommittee’s report revealed that the Obama administration deleted emails related to the grants given to OneVoice in an apparent attempt to cover up the scandal. The American Center for Law and Justice has since filed an injunction against the Department of State in an attempt to compel the production of documents which they allege have been withheld by the United States government.


II. Money Given To OneVoice And The Victory 15 Campaign Was Returned To Pro-Clinton PAC In An Apparent Laundering Scheme


Additional investigation has revealed that Victory 15 may not have been the final intended destination for the State Department’s grant. On February 11th, 2015, The Times of Israel reported that in the course of their campaign to unseat Netanyahu as Prime Minister, Victory 15 retained 270 Strategies, an organization lead by Jeremy Bird, who worked on President Barack Obama’s two victorious presidential campaigns. Since 2013, 270 Strategies has worked with pro-Clinton PAC Ready for Hillary, which raised millions in active solicitations as part of what 270 Strategies described as an attempt to “tap into the organic grassroots energy around a potential Hillary Clinton presidential run in 2016.”


The retention of 270 Strategies to interfere in the political affairs of a foreign ally at the same represents at best, an incredibly inappropriate conflict of interest given that their already existing involvement with Hillary Clinton’s campaign and close ties to Barack Obama. At worst, it raises the possibility that taxpayer funds given by the Department of State to OneVoice found their way back to a PAC affiliated with Clinton’s presidential campaign through a laundering scheme disguised as a contract between Victory 15 and 270 Strategies. A previous report by Disobedient Media has revealed a similar scheme that Shareblue engaged in with the Chinese government through a number of shell companies to conceal a multi-million dollar cash transfer disguised as a mining project in return for influence with the propaganda group.”


The U.S. Department of Energy from 2008 until 2016 was used for the same campaign-finance money-laundering purpose. The CIA contracts that went to Google were also used for the same purpose. Eric Holder’s DOJ funded community activist programs, which simply took taxpayer money to finance street riots in favor of Obama and Clinton campaigns using the same kind of campaign laundering scheme. Gowdy, Sessions and Chaffetz are calling for deep probes of these potentially felony-class crimes. Gawker Media, Think Progress, Media Matters and Facebook were controlled by, and exchanged financing with, the suspects in order to run character assassination and cyber-bully hit-jobs against any reporter or citizen who questioned the trail of feloniously dirty money.




Mike Huckabee said on “The First 100 Days” that donations the Justice Department reportedly made to non-profit groups with money from settlements against corporations amounted to “worse than a mafia shakedown.”


The House Judiciary Committee found that when the DOJ takes legal action against banks and businesses for various reasons, the defendants are often eager to settle. The money from those settlements is often divided between affected customers, the government, or it can be donated to what Republicans call a “slush fund” at the DOJ. Under the Obama administration, recipients of the “slush fund” money included La Raza and the National Urban League, two decidedly liberal entities that then used the funds to rally in the streets for the election of Obama and Clinton, FoxNews.com reported.


Huckabee said that no matter their ideology, the slush fund violates the Constitution because only Congress can allocate money in that way.


“Somebody ought to go to jail for this,” he said, calling the fund “a case where liberals have played Robin Hood.”


“They’ve stolen from the government and given it to their pals,” he said.


Martha MacCallum reported that Virginia Congressman Robert Goodlatte (R-Roanoke) and Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) have sponsored legislation to end the practice.




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